April Fools' Day brings Jeep Sedan, Hyundai N Roadster, Toyota Yaris pickup and more

Some of the fake ideas are annoyingly cool. Others, just annoying

Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai's performance division imagines a rear-drive drop-top sports car.
  • Image Credit: Hyundai
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
  • Hyundai N Roadster Concept
There is one day out of the year when public relations professionals have permission to lie to journalists and to the public: April Fools' Day. Manufacturers release details about wild, weird and wacky new technology, concept vehicles and services. Some take it to obvious outlandish extremes ( Jeep Sedan anybody?), while others plot to mislead with products that are just outside the realm of possibility. Check out all the "jokes" below.

BMW Motorrad

BMW iRace

BMW doesn't want to exclude anybody from experiencing the thrill of high-level racing, so it is introducing 'iRace" autonomous programming on its S 1000 RR sport bike. It includes beginner, sportsman, advanced and unlimited driving modes, and stores GPS information for all Superbike world championship tracks.


Hyundai N Roadster

Hyundai is wrong for this. The Hyundai N Roadster is the work of South Korean designer Yeonjoon Park and features a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, rear-wheel drive and a hard convertible top. Hyundai says this is a "concept (for now)," but we think it'd make a seriously great Mazda Miata competitor.


Honda wins the award for the best interactive gimmick, as its press release for the '90s-inspired special-edition Pastport includes a live hotline number with a message from Fred Savage. Call 1-833-PASTPORT for more information.


Jeep Sedan

Put the Jeep Cherokee face on the Chrysler 300's body, and voilĂ ! The 2019 Jeep Sedan is born. We can't decide if the name or the rendering is better.

Land Rover

Land Rover Remote Charger

Accessibility to charging ports is of major concern to anybody with a plug-in vehicle. So, with the recent launch of the Range Rover P400e and Range Rover Sport P400e, Land Rover is putting forth an effort to install more stations around the globe. First up is Scotland's Isle of Skye. Adventurers need juice too!

Lexus Australia

Lexus expands its Encore service to include doggos. The new service, called Enpaw, will take pups to luxury boarding kennels in style.

Toyota U.S.

Toyota Yaris Adventure

Toyota created the Yaris Adventure pickup for "those who want to tell their friends they own a truck but never veer off pavement." It's part Mazda 2, part RAV4, 100 percent ute and it looks ... great? Creating a new segment might be all fun and games to Toyota, but Ford is reportedly considering a Focus-based ute in a similar, albeit larger, style.

Toyota Australia

Toyota Pieace

Toyota is launching a new HiAce van, and it's already getting a limited-edition variant called the PieAce. The soft-top convertible van can be ordered in four orientations: two-seat long wheelbase, two-seat super-long wheelbase, five-seat long wheelbase, or 12-seat super-long wheelbase. No matter the amount of people in the van, there is pie for all, thanks to a built-in oven in the rear tailgate.


Lamborghini trailer

Lamborghini's playful contribution to April 1 is an angular supercar-style trailer. Seems like a missed opportunity not to use the Urus to tow it, however.

BONUS: Tesla

Elon Musk likely thinks he could legitimately be a pop star, but his Harambe-themed track was released awfully close to April Fools' Day.

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