Florida teen's crash almost ends his chance to grow into Florida Man

Lexus crossover placed in worst street-racing scenario ever

A Florida teen in a street race down a narrow residential street almost ended his budding career as Florida Man. As reported by CBS Miami and picked up by Carscoops, a homeowner's security camera captured two cars heading single file down a road in Golden Gates Estates in Naples, Florida. The road looks to be about a lane-and-a-half wide. The width then becomes a problem when both vehicles — a Lexus crossover and what appears to be a Ford Focus — turn around to race.

For all the time the Lexus remains right-side-up, it's half on the grass. And this becomes a problem when the crossover swerves to avoid a mailbox, which residents have a habit of posting in the grass next to their streets that aren't made for racing.

If we plug these variables into an equation: Crossover, teenager, racing, left wheels on the grass, swerve, culvert, elevated driveway, and Florida, what we get is a spectacular airborne flight and flip that slams the Lexus onto its roof. The two teens in the crossover were injured, but according to the driver's grandmother, the driver emerged with nothing worse than some broken ribs.

The video is enlightening videographic testament to the safety of modern cars. And it shows that even Florida teens appear to have, like Florida Man, that special invincibility dust that allows them to escape incidents that would kill or at least severely maim residents of any other state. 

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