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Sales in Europe and China helped drive up earnings 21 percent.

Volvo, Geely, and Lynk & Co. will share vehicle architecture and engine technology.

You can turn it off whenever you want.

Nissan releases its latest tidbit about the next-gen Leaf.

This silent killer leaves the Foxbody Mustangs and Godzilla behind, regardless of mods.

You know how it goes, but it's worth watching for the reactions.

Disability Rights Activists say that Uber is 99.9% inaccessible to people with mobility disabilities.

"The service actions involve no costs for the customers."

Porsche is spending $1.1 billion to update its Stuttgart plant for electric vehicle production.

The concept's production version is only a couple years away.

Riding the exposure waves of the Tesla Model 3, VW wants it to be known the Golf-sized EV will be thousands cheaper.

Basically, he's worried about Skynet.

Musk believes there's more at stake than just job loss.

No level of racing is too small for Aston Martin.

Volvo's former performance brand is going big.

Fox Sports for sure - and YouTube is a solid maybe.

The company has announced that on May 12 it completed its first full-scale test.

Pruitt said the agency must take an aggressive stance to deter cheating by automakers.

1 / 1809
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