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Is that more or less than 1.21 gigawatts?

P90D owners are invited to upgrade... for an additional charge, of course.


Roborace is using DevBot to develop an autonomous electric racecar that will support Formula E starting in the 2016-17 season.


We get a look at the Faraday Future car we actually wanted to see at CES.


We don't know what impact biofuels are having on air quality.

How can the EPA make decisions about renewable fuels if it doesn't have data?


Tesla skeptical of V2G; eNow provides solar auxiliary power to trucks.

Watch the Model S outpace muscle cars. This Model X owner wants his family "back in a Tesla" after crash. V2G isn't for Tesla. Solar saves fuel for delivery fleets.

Sometimes, the quest for greater minivan practicality leads to some pretty innovative features. Here are five of the best for 2016.


No price has been disclosed for '17 Focus EV, which will start sales later this year.

Not bad for a year-over-year increase, but also not a competitor for EVs like the Bolt.


Tesla offers inventory alternatives to custom orders; Samsung eyes auto industry entry.

Tesla Model X doors get safer through over-the-air update. The Model 3 will have plenty of room. Tesla wants to offer you an existing vehicle. Could Samsung build an EV?


Plugless Power's system for the Model S runs about $2,400.

The Tesla system costs more than the ones for Nissan, Chevy, or Cadillac.


'If there's an unfixable car, there's no deal.'

If you care about the VW diesel settlement with the EPA and CARB, you're gonna want to read this.


Utah continues to hold out with its franchised dealership requirement.

One state representative calls the current prohibition "unconstitutional."


Records 2.65-second zero-to-sixty time

Officially, the Tesla Model S goes from a dead stop to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds, but newer ones may be quicker.


Can Nissan make the Leaf sportier with a new mode, like Tesla? Or should the company be taking a more comprehensive approach to building an electric NISMO?


Helsinki tests autonomous shuttles in traffic.

SolarCity announces layoffs before Tesla acquisition. Exxon slows refining with Louisiana flooding. Easymile autonomous shuttles go into service on Helsinki streets.


If you want to see it, you'd better head to Pebble Beach.

It's over 18 feet long and produces 738 horsepower.


The new standards go into effect in 2021 for trucks and vans.


Harley disagrees with the EPA, saying its Screamin' Eagle Pro Super Tuner was sold for off-road use only.


LG reached a six-year agreement last year to be a parts supplier for the Bolt.

South Korea-based LG preps to make about a dozen parts for the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles.


But only in Pittsburgh, for now.

If you're in Pittsburgh next month, you'll have a chance to ride in the first of their co-developed vehicles.


Autonomous, app-hailed, electric sky taxis. Welcome to the future.

The surge in city dwellers has Airbus considering an Uber for the skies.

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