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This is the first part of the price VW will pay in its diesel emissions settlement.

Ben Van Beurden thinks more people should be driving electric cars.

The CFO drives a BMW i3.

"There is no explanation why this software was in this vehicle."

"There is no explanation why this software was in this vehicle."

According to the "artist," it's not art.

An 1,118-mile stretch of coastline with charging stations.

Another diesel-fix recall from a German manufacturer.

It looks like it didn't stray far from the concept car.

This could revolutionize transportation. Take it from John Goodenough.

Mini EV will be produced in the UK from 2019, despite Brexit.

The electric version will be produced in the UK despite Brexit.

No more leather seating.

New standard features and options packages are available in the Model S and Model X.

Solid state batteries are safer than lithium-ion and can be charged in minutes.

... if their parents are total nerds.

Perfect for chasing R2-D2 around the driveway.

"We are targeting only Europe, the Middle East and Africa," the Fiesta program manager reportedly said.

Unless it adds a new RWD model, the Model S will only be available with dual motors.

1 / 1811
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