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There goes the notion of a nationwide emissions standard in America.

"What were you thinking when you threw yourselves on the mercy of the Trump administration to solve your problems?" asked Mary Nichols, head of CARB.

Uber suspended its self-driving car testing in Arizona and its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania operations while it investigates a crash that took place in Tempe.

We still don't know how much these solar shingles will cost.

Compact SUV will sell big when it finally arrives, though, says analyst.

Meanwhile, the Model 3 will be rear-wheel drive only for a while.

This is a relatively finalized version of the upcoming car.

The companies have been working together since 2011.

The patents are related to vehicle connectivity.

Bimmer had already supplied circuit's safety, medical vehicles

German automaker gets the go-ahead from Formula E's organizers to enter the all-electric racing circuit for its fifth season.

Lower price won't help Tesla if Model 3 has glitches

Tesla's tailwind of enthusiastic Model S and Model X owners may not translate into satisfaction if Model 3 has glitches, J.D. Power study says.

The EV has been on sale for three months in select states.

Chevrolet dealers in California are cutting prices sales fell in February.

Musk and Co had expected to raise $1 billion.

Tesla sold about $350 million in stock and $850 million in convertible debt to help pay for capital expenditures spurred by new model.

Thirty cities would join up to buy plug-in police cruisers, trash trucks.

It's for trucks, police cruisers, and more.

In the long run, US automakers could get left behind

German and Japanese automakers and companies like Tesla will reap the rewards.

The capsule will be revealed in France in early 2018.

With a little help from Pininfarina.

Hybrid Kinetic says its 800-horsepower range-extended hybrid EV will target the Tesla Model S and, apparently, Mercedes-Benz.

That makes the 75 and 75D the entry-level models from Tesla.

Soon, the cheapest new Tesla Model S you'll be able to buy will cost $74,500. That's up from $68,000 today.

US headquarters of Faraday Future's Chinese backer may be in doubt.

This $260 million injection of cash couldn't come at a better time.

Design could improve rotary's weaknesses of fuel economy, emissions.

We previously saw similar tech in a Mazda2 rotary hybrid.

Ford Focus Electric proclaims itself green with new paint color.

Green inside and out.

We look back at Irish cars and the impact of the Irish auto industry in honor of St. Patrick's Day on March 17.

A judge raised the award from $12 million.

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