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Of course, one benefit of autonomous racing is that there are no human drivers to harm.


A billion-dollar investment in Argo AI proves Ford is taking autonomy seriously.

Ford says it wants 'Level 4' autonomous for its self-driving cars by 2021, but denies that engineers have been falling asleep behind the wheel during testing.


Teslab connects your smartphone to your Tesla Model S or Model X to build a complete picture of your overall driving efficiency.


Tesla, Waymo, and Uber are not (yet) part of the effort.

GM, Toyota, Lyft, and Volvo are among entities decrying what they say is a patchwork of state-by-state regulations governing how to legally test and deploy autonomous vehicles.


Not much camo means the convertible hybrid sports car will be here soon.


Elon Musk sent out tweets of thanks.

The damage runs about $10,000.


Of course, that depends on whether PSA buys the brand.

Opel cites the challenges of furthering both electric and conventional drivetrain technology as a reason to go all-electric.


Vehicle ownership is little changed at about two per household.

US households on average drove 22,311 miles last year, down 8 percent from all-time highs.


The company now known as Waymo used to base compensation on future project value, spurring big payments.


Or, choose a fully electric Ioniq for $30,035.

Not only is it more fuel efficient than the Toyota Prius, it's also around $2,000 cheaper.


Why have self-driving cars, when you can have self-flying cars?


The new electric drive version will be introduced in the summer.

Smart will stop producing gasoline models for North America in April.


If you want to catch the 2018 LS 500h, head out to Geneva.


Cruze Diesel is rated at 52 mpg highway in stick version, 37 mpg combined.

This year's Chevrolet Cruze Diesel boosts its highway fuel efficiency to 52 mpg in the stick version, or two mpg better than the Prius's highway mileage.


They don't want to be held to tougher environmental standards through 2025.


Development continues for this 1,000-horsepower luxury EV.


Yes, it has the requisite floating roof.

Lots of influence from the Nissan IDS concept.


PHEV mill will update Volvo's 'twin-engine' concept.

Volvo will follow the debut of its plug-in hybrid crossover with battery-electric and mild-hybrid models.

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