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Samsung will build an EV battery factory in Hungary.

Samsung to supply Europe from a new battery factory in Hungary. New bill expands HOV stickers for PHEVs, but not for BEVs. How does Tesla wring performance from its new battery?


2,500 A3 E-Trons could be on the roads in the US.

This marks a halfway point of sorts.


Japan's Transport Ministry claims automaker overstated fuel economy for eight models.


It doesn't look much like the Hybrid Sports Sedan Concept from the New York Auto Show.

Proportionally, it's taking aim directly at BMW.


It's sort of like a magic trick. Now you see it, now you don't.

Say what, now?


The full reveal will be at the Association of the United States Army trade conference.


Of the 475,000 affected vehicles, 210,000 owners have signed up.

Are you included?


It could be just half of what the Tucson costs.

The details, of course, remain vague.


Version 8.0 software can also guide cars through freeway interchanges.

Whenever it arrives, Tesla's next software update brings important safety improvements.


Smart sets new record with parade; ChargePoint Home is on sale.

Will.i.am's Tesla is hard to miss. Smart drivers set a record in Hamburg. ChargePoint celebrates Drive Electric week with a sale. Check out Mahindra Racing's new livery.


It's all part of a trend.

ChargePoint says it now has 30,000 EV stations on its network. It's only growing, too.


Mahindra gave the green light for 10 units.

The earth-friendly racecar is for "gentleman drivers."


You should see and experience the CXperience.


#StraighterIsGreater campaign calls for simpler bus routes.

Energica EV motorcycle holds its own against a Lamborghini. Gm turns Flint water bottles into convertible coat/sleeping bags for homeless. Transit Center calls for better bus routes.


Historic trainmaker invests in future product.


Historical precedent gives us the answer, and it may not be pretty.

If VW can't fix its diesels, they may go the way of the dodo and the '87-'90 Nissan Van.


Can he turn Google's autonomous vehicle technology into a robotic ride-for-hire service?


In fact, Uber has lost over $4 billion in its seven-year existence.


Software developer nuTonomy beats Uber to market with self-driving taxi rides in Singapore. A 124 Coupe could soon join Fiat's roadster lineup, and we have the latest spy shots of the new Corvette ZR!. Senior Editor Greg Migliore reports on this edition of Autoblog Mintue.


Remote-controlled FCEVs will start racing next March

Japanese automaker teams with educational provider to work with 20 California high schools on mini fuel-cell racer competition.


Toyota donates toward sustainable Yellowstone Youth Campus; SF asks for subway ideas.

Tesla updates Model X door safety. Karma's Irvine HQ will also have a store. San Francisco wants users to help design subway expansion. Toyota sure loves Yellowstone.

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