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China gives CH-Auto the go-ahead to build electric cars.

The Mayor of Monaco drove one of the three Mirais in the 2016 e-Rallye Monte-Carlo. US industry would like tax credits to favor domestic producers. CH-Auto allowed to build 50,000 EVs per year.


The Fisker Karma's spiritual successor takes shape.

As far as doors go, these are works of art.

And what Level 5 autonomous capability means in the real world.

Tesla installs all the hardware necessary for Level 5 autonomous driving on all of its new cars. Here's what that means in the real world.


VW's settlement with dealers could add more than $1 billion to the tab.

VW hasn't come up with a repair plan that satisfies either US or California regulators.


You may want to leave a bit of extra space between you and Sonatas for a while.


Many in the Golden State say Big Oil is standing in the way of EV progress.

Well, duh.


Don't go thinking you'll be able to be an invisible Uber driver.

Now we get to wait for details about how the Tesla Network will work.


No dealers, connectivity – it's definitely forward-looking.


Tesla says system is still in beta and that owners are properly warned.

Some regulators say 'Autopilot' implies that drivers' attention isn't required, cite safety issues.


Ultra-E announces 350-kW chargers for Europe.

NanoFlowcell says it is in talks to build the Quantino. Tesla Model S energy logs point to joyriding valet. Ultra-E to build 25 "ultra-fast" chargers.


But in the short term, say goodbye to Autopilot.

Fully driverless cars just got a lot closer to reality, but they're going to require sacrifices at first.


And what does it say about the EV landscape in 2016?

Audi kills the zombie electric R8, again. But why?


Making it more efficient and kind of fun without upping weight? It was an involved process.


And it has nothing to do with locating lost vehicles, dude.


The targets: 93 miles on a charge, priced at $25,000, safe.

Atticus Motors shoots for 2020 as a debut date for sales of the EV.


They thought it would take a series of reactions to convert CO2 into fuel, but the first step did the job.


This year's sales of EVs, PHEVs are up 38 percent to almost 111,000 units.

US sales of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids surpassed a record 16,000 units in September.


That sales rate would put Bolt on par with the Tesla Model S.

The battery maker for Chevy's reasonably priced EV expects big sales.


Missouri sues VW; Tesla plans "Service-Plus Outlet" in Ireland.

Watch how Autopilot handles emergency braking two cars ahead. Tesla plans Ireland outlet. Missouri sues VW over emissions. NextEV sets up shop in San Jose.

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