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Ford will also announce its free driving school for Raptor owners.


That's a lot of momentum landing directly on its roll cage.


The Acciona 100% EcoPowered EV finished the famous race on its third attempt.

When you make electric racing history, 57th place can be a victory.


Rejoice! And then buckle in for a long road to production.

We've gathered all our Bronco intel and use it to make some educated guesses about the reborn SUV.


Jeep’s boss thinks it’s a great idea, also talks Grand Wagoneer, pickups.

Hybrid tech can help off-roaders.


Size matters and Mercedes thinks its truck isn't big enough.

Daimler's CEO explains why.


Money can buy a truck, but it can't buy taste.

Assault is a crime. Sorry Chevrolet Colorado. You didn't deserve this.


A Taiwanese politician's racy funeral procession literally stopped traffic as it paraded dozens of scantily clad pole dancers through city streets last week.


The grilles are all new, but what's behind them is more interesting.


Ford hasn't shared many details but we do our best to fill in the blanks.

Next year is shaping up to be a great one for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Here's what has us excited.

Out of 44 that sell cars in the US.

We tallied every brand not currently selling or planning to sell a crossover or SUV. Yeah, there are just eight of them.

We drive everything, but here's what we spent our own money on in 2016.

We recap the year in auto show debuts, highlighting the important new stuff from Chevy, Nissan, Mazda, and others in 2016.

Sure, there are few truly bad cars anymore, but we definitely did not like these.

The best car isn't always the fastest one. Sometimes it's just about how it makes you feel.


And it's not the only Blue Oval that could catch fire.

Ford isn't aware of fires, injuries, or accidents related to either recall.


The Nissan Patrol was the first diesel to finish in the top 10.

The truck was found decaying in a Spanish museum.


A Lamborghini Huracan can't handle rough rural roads.

No boring cars for the polizia.

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