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2020 VW Passat Driveway Test Video | Stretching out in the jumbo back seat

You want a big sedan? VW will give you a big sedan. The back seat is giant.

Tanner Foust jumps and drifts his VW race cars in 'Quantum Drift 2'

Jumping between bodies seems like an interesting way around social distancing

Here’s how 20 popular EVs fared in cold-weather testing in Norway

A look at diminished range, charging times and what happens when an EV runs out of power

Coronavirus prompts VW to stop production throughout Europe

Slowing sales, supply chains are factors; Chattanooga plant will stay open

Volkswagen Group, the world's biggest carmaker, is suspending production at factories across Europe as the coronavirus pandemic hits sales and disrupts supply chains, the company said on Tuesday. The German carmaker, which owns the Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat and Skoda brands, also said that uncertainty about the fallout from coronavirus meant it was impossible to give forecasts for its performance this year. "Given the present significant deterioration in the sa

Volkswagen ID.1 and ID.2 in development for launch by 2024

ID.1 part of 'people's car' project to create the Beetle of EVs

Volkswagen ID.3 to cost less than the Golf in Germany

Buyers to save thousands on purchase and more on running costs

VW plans to tap electric car batteries to compete with power firms

Electric car batteries could be used to stabilize electrical grid

Volkswagen's expansion in electric cars will open up new business opportunities in storing and managing energy, encroaching on business currently dominated by utilities and energy firms, chief strategist Michael Jost said on Thursday. Electric car batteries could be used to stabilize the energy grid by charging the battery in times of excess supply and selling electricity back to the grid at times when supplies of electricity from wind and solar power are low, Jost said.

U.S. jury awards $100,000 in punitive damages to drivers of four Volkswagen vehicles

It's a fraction of what these diesel buyers sought

The drivers, three individuals and a couple, are among some 350 people who opted out of a $10 billion U.S. class action settlement with the German automaker which agreed to buy back hundreds of thousands of its cars after it admitted to using illegal software to cheat U.S. pollution tests in September 2015. The five were part of an initial trial of 10 plaintiffs, aimed at setting a pattern to resolve the remaining claims. The jury had earlier this month awarded the five a total of $5,747 in co

2020 Virtual Geneva Motor Show Editors' Picks

Even without a show, these cars stood out

Pikes Peak Hill Climb Record | Behind the Wheel S02 // E09

Watching this screaming run up the nation's second-highest road is not for the faint of heart

2021 Volkswagen Atlas gets new face, same base price

All-wheel drive is now available on four-cylinder models

First Drive
2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport First Drive | More and less of a good thing

The five-seat Atlas is smaller, but still huge. It's more stylish, but still a bit cheap.

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