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Jeep Gladiator gets Mopar trailer brake controller

Jeep's midsize pickup gets a bit more practical

Towing 101 | Everything you need to know to tow

Our comprehensive beginners' guide to hitching up, backing up, driving

2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 to offer 4 levels of towing aid

Technology, extra rear-view cameras and a mobile app to ease the burden

Technology, extra rear-view cameras and a mobile app to ease the burden.

2018 GMC Sierra Denali can help you tow without breaking a sweat

Tech features have made trailering a breeze, even if you’re a noob

Tech features have made trailering a breeze, even if you're a noob

Car Buying
How to find the right vehicle to haul gear for work or play

Here’s how to choose the right vehicle for the job.

You've got stuff to move: toys or gear for work. It could be a fishing boat, a utility trailer, or a load of gravel for the work site. If you work for a large company, the vehicle you use to do these things for work might be a fleet truck, in which case unless you're the fleet manager you won't have much of a say in what you drive. But if you're self-employed or buying a vehicle for personal use, the range of choices can be nearly overwhelming. There are vans, midsize pickups, SUVs, and full-siz

Open Road
Here's what to look for in a towing vehicle

Most of today's popular truck models will do the job, as will the SUVs mentioned in this article.

Texas man's GT-R taken for joyride by tow truck driver

A Texas tow truck company is in trouble after one of their contract drivers was caught taking a client's car for a joyride by that car's dashcam.

Man tries to escape tow truck and fails spectacularly

I just... really?

In a misguided attempt to evade being towed a local man tried to drive his car off the back of a parked tow truck.

Philly towing company in hot water over alleged tow trap

Like something out of a Steve Goodman song, a Philly towing company is under investigation for allegedly setting traps to impound cars.

Tow ratings are overrated

The industry-wide standard is seriously flawed.

J2807 made it possible to compare various manufacturers's tow ratings on an apples-to-apples basis. But some assumptions don't reflect typical use.

2016 Toyota Prius can tow a 1,600-pound trailer, for some reason

But don't look for this capability in the US.

Properly equipped and thanks to new heat management tech, the latest Toyota Prius will tow a trailer up to 1,600 pounds.

With trailer, Tesla Model X keeps 70% of EV range

Electric SUV Tesla Model X can still scamper with a trailer on the back.

Bowlus says a Tesla Model X will have 70 percent of its single-charge range even when towing on the highway.

Tesla increases warrantied tow distance to 500 miles

Tesla used to only tow your warrantied Model S 50 miles if something covered went wrong. Now it's 500 miles, but that's still not the industry standard.

Massachusetts man charged $48,000 for a tow [w/video]

A man in Massachusetts got stuck in some mud while off-roading in his old Jeep last week and was hit with legal charges and a $48,000 tow bill.

Land Rover showcases smart trailer tech

Land Rover is out to make towing easier, safer, and more secure with an array of new technologies fitted to a Range Rover demonstrator.

This is not how you use tow straps, everyone

This video provides a hilarious and expensive lesson in how not to use tow straps. Don't let this happen to you out on on the trail.

GM also sheds parts from its pickups to boost payload ratings [UPDATE]

The row between Ford and Ram over who boasts the best-in-class tow rating for heavy duty pickups has revealed a number of things. Chief among them is a report that Ford removes items like the spare tire, jack, radio and center console from its trucks in a bid to lower its base curb w

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