Man tries to escape tow truck and fails spectacularly

I just... really?

In a misguided attempt to evade being towed a man tried to drive his car off the back of a parked tow truck.

There's precious little information on this video, but it seems that somewhere in Ireland (probably County Roscommon going by RN code on the number plate) a motorist had his car hoisted on to a flatbed tow truck for some infraction. Not wanting his car towed, because who would, the driver leaped into action and tried to drive his captured car off the back of the truck's deck. It, uh, it didn't go as planned.

Gunning the engine, our intrepid motorist dropped the small silver sedan into reverse and just went for it. Unfortunately, physics (and the fact that the car was still hung up in the hoist slings) intervened and all he managed to do was get the car into a very precarious half-on/half-off position on the deck. He spent a few minutes futilely attempting to get the car unstuck by spinning his tires and swearing, then gave up and dismounted.

Then, in yet another inspired move, the incensed driver tried to start a fight with the tow truck drivers who had been standing by watching the farce with a growing crowd of onlookers. There isn't much resolution to the video, little in the way of closure, but it's probably safe to assume that our plucky hero is on the hook not just for towing fees but also for some substantial repair bills.

Driving off the back of tow trucks is apparently a thing in Ireland and the UK. Back in 2014 a guy in East London tried the same trick and drove his Vauxhall off the back of a tow truck. He was more successful though, and apparently drove away.

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