Tesla increases warrantied tow distance to 500 miles

If you've ever needed to get your Tesla Model S towed for a warranty issue, you used to have to hope you were not that far away from a service center. That's because the distance that Tesla would cover getting your fancy electric vehicle towed was 50 miles. The roadside coverage for North America has just been increased to 500 miles, according to an official Tesla Tweet:
The expansion to 500 miles is a nice touch, but it doesn't match the distance that other automakers offer owners of their vehicles. Dodge, for example, will straight up tow you to the nearest Dodge dealer, "if necessary." Hyundai offers a similar option. Nissan, too. In fact, that seems to be the industry standard.

Tesla Roadside Assistance covers a Model S or X for the first four years or 50,000 miles, whichever happens first, and includes issues related to the battery or drive unit for eight years and no limit on the number of miles. This new tow rule doesn't cover crashes. The official roadside assistance page notes that the limit for things like flat tires and lock outs remains set at 50 miles. This new policy is also different than the Tesla Service Rangers, which still costs $3 per mile for them to come to you from the nearest Service Center, with a $100 minimum.

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