A Texas tow truck company is in trouble after one of their contract drivers was caught taking a client's car for a joyride by that car's dashcam.

According to ABC13, Brian Montgomery of Pearland, Texas was having some transmission trouble with his Nissan GT-R. On Sunday, October 23, he had the hobbled car towed to a nearby Nissan dealership to have the transmission checked out, but strangely enough the car didn't arrive until Monday afternoon. When Montgomery picked the car up on Tuesday, he noticed a few things missing from the cabin so he checked his dashcam. He discovered that the tow truck driver had taken the GT-R home, unloaded it from the flatbed, and taken it for a joyride.

"He unloaded the car at his house, his actual residence, took it around the block spinning the tires. Then calling his buddies up 'you gotta come see this, come drive it.' and he let all his buddies go drive the car around and it was all caught on film," Montgomery told ABC. The tow truck driver and his buddies apparently didn't realize the car had a dashcam until hours later.

"At two in the morning he left in the car and unplugged the dash-cam. So I don't know what happened at two in the morning. Then the dash-cam started working again when the car was delivered," Montgomery said.

Montgomery contacted Pearland and Houston police then posted his dashcam footage online. He was almost immediately contacted by a contrite towing company who, although they denied any responsibility, begged Montgomery to take the video down.

"The tow truck company called me today apologizing," Montgomery told the station. "They wanted me to take the videos down. They wanted me to drop charges, and they were agreeing to pay to have the transmission serviced."

ABC13 contacted Royal Towing, the company in question, and was told that the driver in the video is not an employee, but rather a contractor. Therefore, they claim, the incident is not the company's responsibility. When asked whose responsibility it was, Royal Towing refused to answer.

"It's like Ferris Bueller's Day Off for him where the guys go on a joy ride in the Ferrari. It was a bad call," Montgomery said.

Pearland police are currently attempting to identify the tow truck driver so that charges can be filed.

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