Watch these tiny radio-controlled Toyotas tow a full-size Hilux

We heard you like Toyota trucks, so we got some Toyota trucks to tow your Toyota truck. Inspired by the old Tamiya ads, Toyota gathered 15 radio-controlled Tamiya Hilux Bruiser 4X4s, strapped them to a real Hilux 2.4 D-4D, and pulled it out of a hanger. Despite some initial wheel spin, the team of Toyota trucks proved plenty capable, showing that time hasn't slowed these trucks down a bit.

The automaker seems to have a thing with showing unusual feats of strength. A few years ago, a new Tundra pulled the 145-ton space shuttle Endeavour through the streets of Los Angeles. Compared to that stunt, pulling a 2.34-ton Hilux is cake, though it does weigh a significant amount more than the Hilux from the original ad. All of the models had their tires inflated to 60 psi and were locked into low-range four-wheel drive. Weights were added to the rear of the trucks to aid in traction. A driver sat in the real Hilux with the ignition off and the transmission in neutral.

This isn't the only new Hilux video that Toyota posted. The YouTube channel has a series called "Hilux Little and Large" that shows a real Hilux palling around the 1:10 scale Tamiya models, replicating some of the same stunts from the Tamiya ad.

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