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Porsche is spending $1.1 billion to update its Stuttgart plant for electric vehicle production.

In the long run, US automakers could get left behind

German and Japanese automakers and companies like Tesla will reap the rewards.

The 718 Boxster is in line to get electrified, as well.

The company hopes its first EV will be a huge hit.

Electric 911 could be 10 years away.

Porsche's not interested in an electric 911 ... for right now.

This is the EV based on Mission E.

Porsche is testing a high-voltage electric powertrain in the Le Mans Prototype Porsche 919 Hybrid. We'll see it in a production version EV before too long.

A new video from Porsche goes behind the scenes into the Mission E's design process and shows some of the inspirations for the electric sedan's styling. The brief clip is an intriguing look into the process of making a concept.

Porsche is willing to accept smaller jumps in profits to fund its significant upgrades to develop and build new EVs and hybrids.

Are consumers ready to embrace a performance-oriented electric sports sedan? The upcoming Porsche Mission E may redefine the EV performance car market.

Porsche's workforce in Zuffenhausen accepted a longer workweek and changes to their future pay so that the factory can build the Mission E.

Porsche will bring its Mission E electric sedan concept to production by 2020 and will institute major upgrades to its factory campus.

FCA reaches a tentative agreement with the UAW, Honda reveals the all new 2016 Civic, and the Frankfurt Motor Show dazzles us again.Senior editor Greg Migliore reports in the Weekly Recap edition of Autoblog Minute Weekly.

Volkswagen Group Night kicks off the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show with big news from Porsche and Mercedes.

Porsche is taking a shot at the Tesla Model S with its Mission E concept. The low-slung electric sedan boasts 590 horsepower and 311 miles of driving range.

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