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Rumors had pointed to a unibody out of Mexico

Report says it will be built alongside the Wrangler pickup.

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Check out the new Wrangler Scrambler from nearly every angle

Check out the new Wrangler Scrambler from nearly every angle.


We also talk about the Subaru BRZ tS and Jeep Wrangler Scrambler

We also talk about the Subaru BRZ tS and Jeep Wrangler Scrambler.

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Be careful with those shallow breakover and departure angles

Be careful with the shallow breakover and departure angles.

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The top is definitely removable

The top is definitely removable.

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No spare tire mounts here

Jeep has been particularly good at keeping the upcoming Jeep Wrangler pickup truck, affectionately referred to as Scrambler, under wraps, literally. It's very rare to see any portion of the truck sans bulky black fabric. But this time Jeep slipped up and left the tailgate of the truck totally exposed except for some paint.


Plus, a famous pair of tuners in Shelby and Hennessey

Last week brought us quite a wide variety of automotive news nuggets, and judging by the response of our own readership, the Jeep Wrangler pickup truck led the way. It's not expected to hit the sales floor until April of 2019, which means we've all got an entire year to wait, but that just means we have lots of time to anticipate its arrival. And we do so today with a series of renderings that show what the so-called Scrambler may look like in a few different colors.


You'll see some design differences

The Jeep Wrangler-based JT pickup, which everybody refers to as Scrambler (boy, we're going to be surprised if that isn't the real name), doesn't hit the showroom floor until April 2019. That is a long time to wait. What's an impatient nation of Jeep fans to do in the intervening year? Speculate on what it looks like, of course.


Automotive News, after speaking with Fiat-Chrysler dealers after one of the carmaker's meetings last week, found out the coming Jeep Wrangler pickup should hit dealers in April 2019. The dealers said that was the only new bit of information in the hour-long confab. We know production begins in the fourth quarter of this year, but we don't know when we'll get our first look at the bedded Wrangler. With fully-camoed prototypes still roaming the streets eight weeks ago, a public introduction could


The outgoing model is built alongside the 2019 Jeep Wrangler.

The JK generation has been in production since 2006.

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The clearest images of the Jeep pickup so far

Here's what we know so far.

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Big truck suspension for the little-ish Jeep truck.

Not all coil-sprung live axle suspensions are the same.

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