Jeep Wrangler pickup renderings: Latest imaginings of the Scrambler

You'll see some design differences

The Jeep Wrangler-based JT pickup, which everybody refers to as Scrambler (boy, we're sure going to be surprised if that isn't the real name), doesn't hit the showroom floor until April 2019. That is a long time to wait. What's an impatient nation of Jeep fans to do in the intervening year? Speculate on what it looks like, of course.

Jeep Scrambler Forum has sent renderings of the truck our way, shown in the photo gallery above. They depict the Scrambler in two scenes and in four classic colors: Sarge Green, Hella Yella, Sting-Gray and Firecracker Red. The illustrations, we're told, are based on "spy photos, CAD leaks and insider tips we've received."

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Like the coming Ford Ranger, the Jeep truck stands to make a huge splash in the hot midsize pickup market, with Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne saying he expects to see 100,000 Wrangler pickups sold each year.

Compare these latest renderings with a set of renderings that ran back in June on JL Wrangler Forums. (We're reprising a gallery of them below, along with a gallery of spy shots.) You'll note some differences between them and the latest renderings, a key one being the seeming absence of that kink (Jeepmeister kink?) where truck cab meets bed.

See what other differences you can spot. It'll be a good way to help pass the time until next April.

Jeep Wrangler Pickup
Jeep Wrangler Pickup
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