Wrangler truck, aka Scrambler, will reportedly have a convertible top

New report is in line with previous information

  • Image Credit: SpiedBilde
Update: We reached out to Jeep for confirmation on the Wrangler convertible top. A representative said he couldn't give any comment. The text has been updated to reflect this.

Besides off-road ability and boxy design, the Wrangler's other signature feature is its convertible top. And while the top was implemented on the four-door Unlimited, there has never been a guarantee that the upcoming truck, sometimes referred to as Scrambler, would have the same kind of roof. But the odds are looking better than ever now that an anonymous source told Automotive News the pickup will have some sort of convertible top.

This helps supports other tidbits of information that have trickled out about the truck's roof. A few months ago, a Wrangler forum discovered parts information for the truck that included multiple colors and materials for the top. We've also seen spy shots of a prototype with a hard top that had a distinct front section like the removable portion on current multi-piece Wrangler hard tops.

We've reached out to Jeep for official comment, and a representative there was unable to give us any comment regarding the Wrangler truck's roof.

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