We'll probably have to wait until 2019 to see the Wrangler pickup fully revealed and on dealer lots, but it seems that the truck is already showing up in FCA's computer systems. Someone at Jeep Scrambler Forum did a little digging and found the truck's chassis code, "JT," listed with a number of parts. Among those parts were different tops, seemingly confirming that the Wrangler pickup will have a soft folding top and removable hardtops available, just like a normal Wrangler. These include the plain black soft top, a black hard top, or a body-color hard top. The hard tops are also listed as three-piece units like on a conventional Wrangler, so parts can be removed, or the entire top.

The forum quotes sources as saying the pickup will be called the Jeep Scrambler. The company renewed the trademark on that model name in 2015.

Jeep Wrangler truck axle

The forum discovered a few other mechanical details, too. The truck's code is listed under the diesel engine option, confirming that powertrain for the pickup, though no other engine or transmission info was found. The forum also found CAD models of the frame and axles. Jeep Scrambler Forum estimates the frame is about 33 inches longer than the upcoming Wrangler Unlimited four-door SUV. This isn't entirely surprising, as photos show that the Wrangler pickup prototypes are substantially longer than the four-door Unlimited models. And even AEV had to lengthen the Wrangler's frame to turn it into the Brute pickup. Finally, the forum noted that the axles are different from the current generation of Wrangler, and could possibly be stronger than normal for improved towing and payload.

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