Volkswagen Fox Track goes off-road in South America

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Volkswagen has rolled out the new Fox Track, a little hatchback smaller than a Polo but just a bit bigger than the Up!. Volkswagen builds it in Brazil for the local market. The Track model brings it up to soft-roading spec in the same way that the Alltrack versions of the Golf and Passat do – only it's much smaller than either. It ostensibly replaces the CrossFox that took a similar approach with the previous model.

The Track model is visually distinguished from less rugged versions of the Fox by contrasting wheel arches, side sills, integrated fog lights, roof rails, blacked-out mirror housings and door handles, and more. It rides on more rugged-looking 15-inch alloys, and features a raft of technological upgrades inside that are poised to spread across the rest of the line as well.

Powering the little soft-roader is a humble 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. But this being Brazil, it's flex-fuel capable to run on either gasoline or ethanol, producing up to 82 horsepower when running on the latter. The Fox Track could be just the ticket for some South American buyers looking for extra capability for driving along unpaved roads while economizing on their fuel bills.

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