A pregnant woman in Ceilandia, Brazil destroyed her husband's car last week after finding him at lunch with his mistress. Video of her rampage was uploaded to YouTube Monday, according to the Daily Mail. By the time the camera began rolling the car was already pretty beat up. Bystanders filmed the unidentified woman punching, kicking and jumping up and down on the car. Eventually she heaved a huge rock through the back window. After she lost her rock, she resorted to using her hands to smash out more of the glass.

Similar instances have been reported around the world recently. In 2012, a spurned wife took a hammer to her former love's fifth-generation Honda Accord. It's not just ladies south of the border who break parts over broken hearts. Just last month a woman in China smashed her husband's BMW while he was at work. She said her husband's mistress had sat in the luxury sedan, making the car irredeemably dirty.

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