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A bid to force manufacturers to make cars and other devices more secure.

The video is a fascinating look at what, sadly for Dagestan, is an annual event.

We have mixed feelings about it.

Remote control parking is a cool party trick, though.

Cars today are a rat's nest, with 80-120 electronic control units from many manufacturers

It's a $37 billion market that's expected to double.

This device lets you purify your oil at home.

It's supposed to save you money, and reduce oil use.

'Cars 3' comes alive in your living room.

He'll even watch the movies with you.

Stop them now before they get traction.

You mow? No, Miimo. It comes in two guises and has three cutting modes.

Finding Miimo? Check your back yard.

Apparently it actually works.

"Be unopposable," says Lyft.

You can start Waze navigation from Spotify and access Spotify playlists within Waze.

And don't bother bringing your CDs in an EcoSport

Using a Slingbox, you'll be able to watch your TV on your phone, computer, and SUV.

It's a promising idea, but you might want to wait for the kinks to get ironed out.

The best Hyundai thing at CES was also the most overlooked.

I really want to ride this thing.

The original Mario Kart 8 was the WiiU's best-selling game.

Look for new maps, new characters, and new game modes.

The future is now.

Your phone, home, and car will all be connected in the Internet of Things.

Let the debate begin.

Are connected motorcycle technologies a boon for safety or nothing more than a distraction?

The motorcycle shares tech with the Uni-Cub.

Other tech includes augmented displays developed with DreamWorks Animation.

Because shopping on Amazon wasn't easy enough already.

This is the same open-source system being adopted by Toyota and other automakers.

The technology was never implemented.

Apple has a patent on technology that would lock down a phone while a user is driving. The lawsuit claims that failure to implement the tech makes Apple culpable in the victim's death.

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