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BMW sprouts another big grille, but why have a grille at all?

The M1 didn’t need to shout. Its little grille whispered menacingly: 'I am a bad-ass BMW'

First Drive
2022 BMW M3-M4 Competition AWD First Drive Review | Security blanket

We drive the first M3 and M4 xDrive models on both track and road

Spy Shots
BMW M4 CSL spy photos reveal unique nasal decorations

An aggressive aero package hints at big power underhood

Why do BMWs look like that? Blame (or celebrate) this guy

Designer Domagoj Dukec is ushering BMW into the future by embracing the 'joy of wow'

BMW M4 CSL expected in 2023

540 horsepower, RWD and automatic transmission predicted

First Drive
2021 BMW M4 First Drive Review | Mission accomplished

Look beyond the grille. It’s worth it, we promise

2022 BMW M4 Convertible revealed solely in Competition xDrive form

With 503 hp and standard xDrive, it hits 60 mph in 3.6 seconds

What would a BMW M4 coupe look like as a camper? Now we know

It's 2020, and we must overland all of the things

BMW M4 design study wears retro red

The collaboration with N.Y. fashion house Kith is a one-off

Spy Shots
Check out the 2021 BMW M4 in all its grille-tastic glory

BMW provides detailed photos of the M4 just weeks from its debut

Spy Shots
BMW M4 front end revealed in spy photo

The big grille remains front and center

BMW M4 Gran Coupe finally coming with next-gen 4 Series

But BMW i4 will be most powerful option in the 4 Series range

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