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First, let's talk about that central seating position.

Electric trucks, including the Tesla Semi, are inevitable and welcome. But questions remain about this particular implementation.


SCG will be pleased to engrave your name in the pre-order books right now, taking a $40,000 deposit against the 004S base price around $400,000.


Tesla surprises everyone with drawings of a Tesla pickup truck that looks like a mini Tesla semi.


We still don't know what it'll cost.

Tesla promises lower operating costs from its electric big rig.


Off again, on again jiggity jig

Earlier this year, the idea seemed to be off the table.


This image popped up in CEO Mary Barra's presentation.

Could be a Buick, could be a bigger Bolt-based Chevy.


iX1 through iX9 could be in the works.

Don't be surprised to see more electric utes from BMW.


Artist rendering gives an indication of what we can expect based on multiple spy shots.

Get ready for a new Ram grille.


McLaren also releases another teaser.

This is the rumored P15.


The company expects production-ready batteries around 2023

The technology will be on display at CES 2018.


The new PACE business plan outlines Opel's survival beyond 2020.

A fully electric Corsa is part of the plan.


One car uses mind control, the other has a mind of its own.

Which would you choose?


Google's computing power to help VW optimize traffic, develop AI and explore battery materials.

It could help make cars smarter and more efficient.


Here's what we can tell from looking at it.

Details are scarce, but it looks like it'll be quite fast. It'll use Murray's iStream production process, too.


They want to dump all kinds of other clean-energy tax breaks, too.

They want to dump all kinds of other clean-energy tax breaks, too.


If the Model X isn't special enough for you, there's this.

Spy Shots

First testing against Teslas, now testing against the Green Hell

This may be a sign the Mission E will be just as exciting as other Porsches.