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Li Shufu invests $9 billion in Mercedes' parent


The first car won't have solid-state batteries after all.

The first Dyson vehicle is planned for 2020.


2020 WRX wagon, anybody?

The Viziv name makes another appearance.

New York

All-new Altima midsize sedan can't come a moment too soon

SUVs may now be king, but there are still a ton of midsize sedans sold.


Could it be a mid-engine Veloster, or something even more interesting?

Motorgraph reports that Hyundai's working on a Theta III engine for a mid-engined car, perhaps hinting at a mid-engined Veloster.


Using a detuned M4 engine, it will replace the 365-hp M2

BMW will replace the 365-hp M2 with a 405-hp M2 Competition using a detuned M4 engine.


A Bimmerpost user claims the coming Toyota Supra will be a Toyota in name and design only, using BMW interior parts, trim materials, and colors.


To be unveiled next month in Geneva, two electric powertrains will be available for the electric subcompact SUV

It would be the non-Tesla king of electric range if it comes here.


The midsize EV sedan will join Polestar 1 coupe and a Polestar 3 SUV

The Polestar 2 should be revealed by late 2019.


Supercar purists may want to get their torches and pitchforks out

Only limited-edition cars would come without hybrid tech.

Spy Shots

The HD trucks follow on the heels of the new Silverado 1500 debut.

These big boys don't mind the cold.

Spy Shots

A new A6 Allroad is more likely for the United States. A new A6 sedan was also spotted

Be it Avant or Allroad, more wagons, please.


It could get harder to speed if this patent's future comes to pass.

Ford applies for a patent for an autonomous police vehicle that could hide itself, detect violations, give chase, and issue fines on its own.


Reports say Ford's new RWD platform will also spawn a Lincoln SUV

The Explorer's gonna go back in time.


They'll have to tone it down from the wild concept, but CUV would slot in below the Lexus NX.

Rumor has it Lexus will bring a production version of the UX concept compact crossover shown in 2016.


Descriptions promise a "butch, almost mean-looking sports car."

The next-gen Mercedes SL goes in a new direction with a soft top, 2+2 seating, and an 800-hp AMG model.


Due in 2019, it will be based on Concept 40.2, offer various motors and batteries.

It will offer a selection of various motors and batteries.


"It will be launched as soon as there is a market for it"

Porsche admits a plug-in hybrid 911 will come, but likely not until 2023, bringing 485 hp with it.


800-volt system will yield 400 kilometers of range in 20 minutes.

Uwe Michael, Porsche's head of electrics and electronics, dishes on advances planned for Mission E and other electrified Porsches.