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We pick our favorite vehicle debuts from the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. An electric car, a hot hatchback, a wagon, an SUV, and a hypercar all make the list.

Plus: Analyzing the BMW and Audi concepts and the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

Automakers find themselves at the intersection of disruption and opportunity.

60 VWs and Audis were reportedly stolen, shipped out of state and given bogus titles

Buyer beware.

It knows how you feel

It knows how you feel and what you want.

It's a biturbo V6 quattro wagon in electric blue. Is this 1999?

It's even lighter and more fuel efficient.

It's strange to have a performance Audi without quattro.

This is now quite close to the Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2.

Forget the steering wheel, pedals, and safety equipment.

If you're ready to relinquish control of your car, click here.

It's shaping up to be another down month industrywide.

Automotive sales figures for August 2017 are starting to be reported.

Look for RS-badged crossovers right now.

But the CEO has the backing of the Porsche and Piech families and will stay

But the CEO will stay on.

Dieselgate investigators stumble upon this

Dieselgate investigators stumble upon this.

It wants a standard output badge for all powertrains

It may or may not be coming to the United States.

A rare 5000 from the post-unintended acceleration era.

Known as the Audi 100 outside of the United States, the 5000 sold pretty well — until 1986. Here's one of the 1987 models that sold, even after the "60 Minutes" report that doomed the model, found in a San Francisco Bay Area wrecking yard.

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