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Less downforce but more power and stickier tires results in quicker lap times.

A soap-box derby and income equality are the themes of this Audi ad.

The evolution of cruise control has big implications for the future.

Illinois Solar Energy Association raffles off a Tesla Model S.

Nissan puts a slick mobile office in its electric van. Audi Shared Fleet finds a home in a Durham tech incubator. ISEA gives away a real Model S and two kid versions.

Audi accelerates H2 program with Ballard; Car2go hits 2 million members.

Bus almost takes out Tesla truck. Former Tesla engineer says he was fired for being old. Audi orders fuel cell tech from Ballard. Car2go members take a trip every 1.5 seconds.

This is why you hire a four-time Le Mans winner to drive the safety car.

Yannick Dalmas launched his Audi R8 safety car sideways yesterday while patrolling the soggy Circuit de la Sarthe during a 24 Hours of Le Mans red flag.

Audi is back on the Silver Screen for the latest Marvel action movie - but does the new SQ7's role in Captain America: Civil War bode well for its arrival in US showrooms?

Snap, crackle and pop.

The aftermarket exhaust system gives the R8 V10 some extra F1 finesse.

Once again, dash cam video comes to the rescue.

The car's owner posted this video to YouTube to shame the dealer.

Germany makes some very quick wagons to hustle families over the Autobahn. Check out this drag race from Top Gear between and Audi RS6 and a Mercedes-AMG E63 S.

Looks fast, sounds meh.

Audi is hitting the Nurburgring hard with its new RS4 Avant, and this video serves as our first listen to the new twin-turbocharged V6.

We know little about this beast, but that doesn't diminish our love for it.

Audi hosts Autonomous Driving Cup; European EV bus makers standardize charging.

New alloys make cars cleaner. ABI predicts 203 million OTA-enabled cars by 2022. Bus charging gets standardized in Europe. Audi hosts 2nd Autonomous Driving Cup. Rolls-Royce powers LNG fish food ship.

The students performing research with Stanford University's Audi TTS test rig "Shelley" (not to be confused with Audi's own self-driving race cars) are getting a kick out of the numbers generated by the machine.

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