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A fully loaded RDX will cost under $50,000

A fully loaded RDX will cost under $50,000.


Honda's East Liberty plant gets $54M to build the popular crossover

Acura has kicked off production of the all-new 2019 RDX, capping a $54 million investment in new technologies and processes at its plant in East Liberty, Ohio, where the compact crossover will be built. It goes on sale starting in June, though prices are yet to be announced.


A clever design that still has room for improvement

One of the greatest design challenges in the modern automotive industry is an infotainment system that provides loads of capabilities, but is also easy-to-use and not overly distracting. Touch screens have been leading the way as the favored option, but Acura is trying a new design that relies on a touch pad with some unique tweaks to separate it from similar systems, such as those seen in competing Lexus models. And we got to try it out in the first production application, the 2019 Acura RDX co


A rugged American success and a techy Japanese disappointment

We take a close look at the sales numbers and pick out the biggest successes and disappointments of April 2018. Here are the highlights and lowlights.


Maybe in the Marvel Universe, but unlikely in the real world

Autobild put together a slideshow forecasting various convertibles due to arrive from 2018 to 2023. The long-prophesied Acura NSX Roadster graced the first slide, reportedly prepped for market launch later this year at a price of 200,000 euros. That's about 13,000 euros more spendy than the hardtop, a relative bargain. Don't call your Goldman private banker yet, though — that Autobild slide is likely as close as any of us will get to said roadster this year.

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Standard 10-speed auto and available SH-AWD are highlights

Calling the RDX that Acura showed at this year's Detroit Auto Show a "concept" was stretching that term to the limits of credulity. The production version of the 2019 RDX is here, and this turbocharged crossover with available AWD looks darn near identical. While it offers all-wheel drive like its Lexus NX and Audi Q3 competitors, Acura's next-generation SH-AWD should be a serious selling point.


Also the sporty Acura RDX A-Spec variant, shown in teaser image

Also debuting will be the sporty A-Spec variant, shown in teaser image


2019 Infiniti QX50 vs Lexus NX vs Acura RDX vs Audi Q5 vs BMW X3

Let's see how Infiniti's all-new compact SUV stacks up.


HR-V-based SUV with the same name doubled Acura sales in China when it was introduced

Honda reapplies to trademark the name CDX in the US, but still no word on if or when we'll get an Acura CDX.


It's getting an exclusive engine and adding sporty trims

We're ready for fun Acuras again.


It closely presages the production version, which comes out midyear.

It closely presages the production version, which comes out midyear.


Some may surprise you ... others probably won't

We countdown the 10 worst-selling cars of 2017, including only 2017 and 2018 model-year cars for sale during the entire calendar year.


This is the third-gen model.

It's likely based on the Honda CR-V.


Lower stance, higher power.

Acura hits SEMA this year with the NSX Dream Project, worked up by ScienceofSpeed.


The proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.

This is a highly modified and restored car.


Competition debut set for the 2018 Rolex 24

Acura and Penske could make a formidable pair.

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