Eriksson strikes again! Enzo-crasher charged with hit-and-run in a Porsche

The case file on Stefan Eriksson just keeps growing longer and longer. The failed video-game executive crashed (and completely destroyed) a Ferrari Enzo on February 21. Totaling an Enzo is enough to put him in our bad books, but Eriksson just keeps on digging deeper into trouble.

First he was charged with a drunk driving misdemeanor after crashing the Enzo, to which he pleaded no contest. Then he was arrested on April 7 and is currently on trial for embezzlement and grand theft charges. Not enough? Apparently Eriksson was also the perpetrator of a hit-and-run.

According to the allegations, Eriksson was driving someone else's Porsche Cayenne SUV on January 4 when he drove right into the back of a Ford Explorer sitting at a red light. Well done! To make matters worse, he allegedly refused to give his information to the driver of the Explorer and just drove off instead. And why did he do that? Well apparently Eriksson was driving without a valid license or insurance. No word on whether he was driving drunk this time.

Why are we left with this feeling that Eriksson will also be charged with having sunk the Titanic, or maybe with having slashed the tires on Richard Hammond's dragster?

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[Source: CBS News]

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