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Powertrain, turbo improvements help make these the automaker's best-performing machines

The 718 GTS twins are more than quick enough to keep you entertained and to impress your friends.


Three cheers for horsepower!

So, you say you like horsepower?

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It has screens, toggles, and the center console even gets a cupholder.

Probably no more shifting the PDK with the lever.


It's coming in a few years

The specifications and timeline match a previous report.


Could Volkswagen finally be putting Dieselgate in the rear-view mirror?

"In many places we are still too slow, too bureaucratic and too hierarchical."


From supercharged V8s to fancy electric motors and lithium ion batteries, last week was all about power.


Off again, on again jiggity jig

Earlier this year, the idea seemed to be off the table.

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Black Boxster bares its body

It has several unique body changes.


It must have had the electronic limiter removed.

There's some disparity between the speedometer and GPS.


Every car from the 356 to the Carrera GT.

The system only works in Europe.

First Drive

It's like nothing else in Porsche's lineup. Or on the road, for that matter.

It's also a turbocharged car that is intended to feel turbocharged. That means lag, and turbo whoosh.

The stations can charge multiple cars and will be 75 miles apart.

A car could be charged to more than 160 miles of range in a half-hour.


He revived Porsche's fortunes — and saved the 911 — in the '80s.

He revived Porsche's fortunes — and saved the 911 — in the '80s.


It does 0-62 mph in 2.38 seconds.

Better aero, wider wheels and way more power.

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A pinch of Panamera, a dash of Macan, and a lot of aluminum.

A bunch of handling technology and a healthy dose of lightweighting complement a massive restyle inside and out. But which engine makes for the best Cayenne?

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First testing against Teslas, now testing against the Green Hell

This may be a sign the Mission E will be just as exciting as other Porsches.