Stefan Eriksson now admits that he's the one responsible for the 162 mph guillotining of a certain Ferrari Enzo on California's Pacific Coast Highway back in February. Up until now, the fallen tech executive had maintained that a stranger named 'Dietrich' had been the wheelman. Interestingly, Eriksson blames the creation of his phantom driver on the effects of his blackout.

Eriksson's business partner (and fellow Swede) Carl Freer was arrested earlier this week for using a false badge to purchase firearms, though the latter has hired Sitrick and Co., a public-relations firm, to refute the charges.

Eriksson has been ordered to stand trial on nine separate counts that include grand theft, drunk driving, embezzlement and illegal gun possession, but his bond was reduced to $3 million (from $5.5 million), and he could be released into house arrest, depending on what happens with other charges that may be filed.

Among other interesting courtroom tidbits disclosed by the Malibu Times: a black bag 'full of incriminating documents' (including Eriksson's passport and paperwork indicating financial problems) was found in Eriksson's wife's SLR.

Click through to the link to read the full 'sturm und drang.'

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