Stefan Eriksson turns down plea deal in L.A. court

So you're Stefan Eriksson and you're being charged with three counts of embezzlement, three counts of grand theft auto and illegal gun possession. You've destroyed a Ferrari Enzo, one of the greatest exotic supercars of all time, and blamed it on your imaginary German friend, Dietrich. Oh, and you're also responsible for the Gizmondo, which itself is a crime in some countries. You find yourself in L.A. Superior Court on Monday and the prosecutor offers you a plea deal of two years and four months in jail for declaring your guilt. What do you do?
The real Stefan Eriksson told the court, "I cannot agree that I stole the car because I didn't," which guarantees the Swede a jury trial and, if convicted, up to 11 years in prison. Smart move Mr. Eriksson, because we know a lot of angry Ferrari fans who want to have a word with you about proper care and maintenance of Maranello's finest. Better let them cool off for a decade while you vacation behind bars and bulk up in the courtyard.

This is the second time Eriksson has entered a not guilty plea, and will likely be his last as jury selection for his trial has already begun.

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[Source: KNX1070]

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