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Fatalities are reduced by 86 percent.

U.S. drivers like to turn the systems off, though.

This trick pillar uses mirrors to appear transparent.

The pillar is clearer than the patent language.

She was called the first African-American woman to race motorcycles.

When sensing it's about to hit a pedestrian, the car would change the rigidity of its body panels, bumpers and the hood using underlying cables, rods or springs.

The ghosts of its 2009 bankruptcy are haunting the new GM.

He landed 250 feet from the road.

He won't be riding again, though.

Incredibly, the woman driving survived.

Incredibly, the woman driving survived.

"I could have killed somebody, I could've died," says officer who crashed.

The fumes may be seeping in through holes drilled in the SUVs.

Nissan does not admit any fault under the settlement.

Which is the better value? Tyre Reviews' Jonathan Benson puts them to the test.

We already had laws like this across the country.

Here's another reason you should teach your daughter to drive stick.

A bid to force manufacturers to make cars and other devices more secure.

These bikers are very unhappy with this McLaren driver.

Accord in crash was among 300,000 unrepaired cars considered particularly dangerous.

This follows this week's news of an Australian man whose death is also blamed on Takata.

A floor cleaner and spilled gas started the blaze at Buff Whelan Chevrolet.

It was the largest fire in the history of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

The car companies are all part-owners of HERE.

Consumer agency wants to know why the replacements are taking so long.

Honda doesn't yet know if it was an airbag that hadn't yet been replaced, or a replacement.

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