*Updated* -Tech entrepreneur Steffan Eriksson arrested on charges stemming from EnzoGate

Stefan Eriksson, the Swedish video game impresario at the center of February's EnzoGate in Malibu, California has been booked on "suspicion of grand theft," and is being held without bail.

This, after detectives searched his Bel-Air residence on Saturday night. It isn't clear what the officials were looking for (or what they found), nor is has the new charge been directly attributed to disintegrated Ferrari.

For those who missed it, Eriksson was in a Ferrari Enzo when it clipped a pole along the Pacific Coast Highway at an estimated 162 mph while racing a mystery Mercedes. From thereon out, everything gets a little muddy. Was Eriksson driving? Was it even his Ferrari? The tale has yet to unravel, but we're reasonably sure there's a made-for-television movie in here somewhere, especially considering the bonus legal run-in by Eriksson's wife last month. The entrepreneur's S.O. was apparently clipped for driving around in a Benz SLR McLaren wearing foreign plates. Subsequent investigations have revealed that the exotic may have been illegally imported from the UK.

[Source: Associated Press via ABC 7 Los Angeles]

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 *Update: CNN is reporting that police have confiscated three vehicles (including another Enzo and the SLR). Word is that Erikkson had lapsed on payments to British financial institutions, with the latter being reported to Scotland Yard authorities. The spectacular flameout continues...

[Source: Associated Press via CNN] 

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