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GM and Cruise sue Ford over 'BlueCruise' name for hands-free driving

GM said Ford's use of the BlueCruise name infringed on GM's Super Cruise trademark

Black lawmaker hopes highway project can right an old wrong

Love hopes to reunify a divided neighborhood by building over Interstate 40

Ford trademarks Skyline name for U.S. market

Nissan loses chance to use its most valuable nameplate in America

Virginia's dad jokes are a sign of the times, but will you get the message?

At least one state see the benefit in clever safety messaging

New Mexico Supreme Court rules gas stations can be liable for DUIs

The same liability could extend to auto parts stores, mechanics and tire shops

Hopeful North Carolina lithium supplier faces local pushback

It wants to sell the crucial metal to Tesla, but its neighbors aren't happy

Automakers start to look away from China for rare earth magnets used in electric motors

Growing tensions between the U.S. and China have automakers rethinking their suppliers

Environmental groups fear Biden will go easy on automakers over emissions

The industry’s preferred model is a compromise California regulators negotiated last year

Five reasons why electric buses are key to Biden's green agenda

They represent one of the fastest ways to slash U.S. transportation emissions

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California smog check will now look for modified ECU software

Vehicles with an unapproved ECU tune will fail the test

EU reveals sweeping climate plan, including internal combustion sales ban

'We’re going to see an economy-wide experiment to put climate ambition into action'

Elon Musk clashes again with lawyer, calls SolarCity deal 'a no-brainer'

He continues to defend using one of his companies to buy another

Seventeen states urge NHTSA to set child car seat side-impact standards

Congress first asked the agency to set the standards two decades ago

Used cars are still driving up consumer costs beyond all estimates

Used cars accounted for more than a third of the gain in the CPI

Elon Musk testifies in SolarCity suit, calls lawyer a 'bad human being'

Defends controversial deal, says he welcomes criticism — also, 'I think I'm funny'

Spain aims $5.1 billion to boost electric car industry

The money would be invested in every step of the manufacturing process

Mexico announces steps to ensure free union vote at GM plant

The plant builds full-size pickups and powertrains

EU to Urge 2035 Goal to End Combustion-Engine Era in Autos

There would be a corresponding tightening of emissions requirements

Europe's carbon pricing push stokes backlash fears

It could ultimately be a tax on energy for those who can least afford it

Elon Musk trial asks $2 billion question: Who controls Tesla?

Did Musk personally bail out SolarCity, or was it a company decision?

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