Stefan Eriksson is the owner of the now famous Ferrari Enzo that was sliced in half last Tuesday after a high speed crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, CA.

Who is Stefan Eriksson? Apparently he's a businessman with ties to the Swedish Mafia and has a track record of destroying things with which he comes in contact. Eriksson was a top exec involved in the embarrassing failure of the Gizmondo, a handheld GameBoy-like device he helped develop that was ignored sold in both Europe and the U.S.

Eriksson was seen walking around the car after the crash that allegedly occurred as the result of a street race with a McLaren SLR and a better driver. The fact this millionaire mafia member is alive can be attributed solely to the live-saving properties of the Enzo, which stop just short of being able to raise the dead.

Eriksson told the police he was a passenger in the Enzo when it crashed and that the driver was a mysterious German fellow named Dietrich (no last name, like Cher) who fled on foot and has yet to turn up.

This sketchy story has the cops shaking their heads as if to say, "You really expect us to believe that?" and the rest of autodom shaking their middle fingers at the man who reduced the world's population of Enzos from 400 to 399.

Eriksson has only said "No comment," or at least that's what the security officer posted in front of his gated Bel-Air mansion is telling reporters.

Check out this mesage board for the best collection of pics from the crash we've found so far on the 'net.

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