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volkswagen scirocco

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    Report: Volkswagen's De Silva says next Scirocco will be 'completely different'

    From our perspective, the reborn Volkswagen Scirocco is a handsome (if squat) little thing. Yet design-wise, it's always struck us as uncomfortably close to the Golf three-door hatchback with which it shares its basic underpinnings. That aesthetic kinship may be part of the reason why Volkswagen ...

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    Report: Volkswagen weighs next Scirocco, diesel Alltrack for U.S.

    Do you miss the opportunity to buy a Volkswagen Scirocco? You're not alone. Of all the Volkswagen Group products offered overseas but not in these United States, the Scirocco tops our list. (Though we understand there are plenty out there pining for a Transporter van.) Discontinued in its ...

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    Volkswagen's U.S. boss wants Scirocco in the States

    Volkswagen Scirocco R – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Whenever anyone brings up the Scirocco, we still can't help but wince a bit at the fact that the United States was snubbed from the car's second coming. Apparently we're not alone. According to USA Today, Volkswagen America head ...

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    Spy Video: Hyundai Veloster hits the road with VW Scirocco

    Hyundai Veloster out testing – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Hyundai's new Veloster sports coupe (or is that Tiburon or something else?) aims to write another chapter in the book of Hyundai's relentless pursuit of market share when it launches next year, and in this latest ...

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    Video: Digital Fahrvergnügen - VW Scirocco used as video game controller

    Volkswagen Scirocco by day, video game controller by night – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We've always envied those awesome home-stitched arcade racing consoles. It's not that we aren't handy enough to screw a few pieces of plywood together, it's just that there isn't enough ...

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    Volkswagen prices UK Scirocco R and Golf R, debuts new ad [w/VIDEO]

    VW Golf R and Scirocco R - Click above for high-res image gallery
    For those of you in the U.K., the R-line versions of the Golf and Scirocco have been priced and can now be ordered. The Scirocco is the bargain of the two, going for £26,945 ($44,257 U.S.), while the Golf takes you slightly ...

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    Volkswagen launches eco-friendly Scirocco Cup

    2010 Volkswagen Scirocco Cup - Click above for high-res image gallery
    It seems like an odd juxtaposition, but "going green" and motorsports have been increasingly paired together lately. In the United States, the American Le Mans Series initiated the Green X Challenge this past season with a ...

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    VIDEO: New VW Scirocco R and Golf R hit the track

    Volkswagen Golf R20 and Scirocco R track-side -- Click above to watch video
    In another astronaut-ish commercial, VW has thrown two test drivers in a G-force simulator and on the track in two of its blistering blue R-line cars: the Scirocco R and the Golf R20. It's like the Ferrari video, but with ...

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    VIDEO: Mock VW ad from Jeremy Clarkson draws criticism

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Jeremy Clarkson's humor tends to either amuse or horrify. Some contend the dead-pan Brit occasionally goes too far with his comedic stylings, but overall, we prefer Clarkson just the way he is and don't mind his occasional pot-shots. After all, Top ...

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    Volkswagen to debut four new models in Frankfurt?

    Germany only gets its own top-tier international auto show every other year, with the Frankfurt Motor Show alternating with the Paris salon. So when the circus rolls into town, you can bet Germany's giant auto industry will embrace the opportunity to reveal their latest. Audi's tipped to unveil its ...

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    Volkswagen Scirocco GT TDI stokes our oil-burning lust

    Volkswagen Scirocco – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Europeans just got another turbocharged diesel engine option for the Volkswagen Scirocco, leaving us even more jealous than before that the sporty hatchback won't be making its way to America. The new powerplant is the same unit ...

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    Natural Born Winner: VW returns to the 'Ring with Scirocco GT24-CNG

    Volkswagen Scirocco GT24-CNG - Click above for a hi-res gallery
    Phase 1: Dominate your class in endurance racing. Phase 2: Continue to dominate your class in endurance racing, only this time do it without gasoline. That seems to be the game plan with the Volkswagen Group's racing programs, so after ...

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    JE Design throws its Scirocco into the mix

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the JE Design Scirocco Volkswagen's new Scirocco seems to be the hottest new platform for Euro tuners, with Abt and MTM already coming out with tuning packages. JE Design has developed their own line of parts and accessories, starting with a subtle three piece ...

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    VW shows off Scirocco Study R in Bologna

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the VW Scirocco Study R
    Volkswagen's new Scirocco is rapidly becoming a popular canvas for customizing, and Wolfsburg itself is getting into the act. The Bologna Motor Show has been graced with the Scirocco Study R, which could be a preview of a production ...

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    MTM pumps up the VW Scirocco

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the MTM Scirocco R It was only a matter of time before the Audi and VW specialists over at MTM got their hands on a Scirocco. The results are what we would expect from the German tuner: up to 272 horsepower, a sporty suspension, better brakes, and handsome 19- ...

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    Volkswagen reconsiders bringing Scirocco to the States

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Volkswagen Scirocco
    Volkswagen has heard our cries and is reconsidering its previous decision not to offer the Scirocco in the States.Back when the low-slung hatch was launched in March, VW was insistent that the Scirocco would never find its way to U.S. ...

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    OETTINGER tuned Scirocco one mean hot hatch

    Click above for a gallery of the Oettinger Volkswagen Scirocco
    Today on Cars We Can't Have, Oettinger turns its eye toward Volkswagen's C30 Scirocco. There's history between the tuning firm and VW's windy coupe, so this could be viewed as an addendum to past work. What does a tuner do, if not ...

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    Volkswagen launches base model Scirocco with two new engines

    Click above for new high-res gallery of the 2009 VW Scirocco
    Volkswagen has made getting behind the wheel of a Scirocco just a little bit easier... in the UK. When the low-slung three-door was launched it was only available in up-level GT trim, but now it's available in base form, starting at ...

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    Officially Official: VW drops details on Golf VI

    Click above for high-res gallery of the VW Golf VIFollowing the internet's unofficial, unscheduled and probably unwanted (at least by Volkswagen) reveal of the sixth-generation Golf this week, VW has thrown its cards on the table and revealed its hand. Along with high-res images, VW has revealed ...

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    Volkswagen Scirocco R32? Teaser image surfaces

    With the Volkswagen Scirocco now out in the public domain, Volkswagen appears to be on a campaign to keep our attention piquied with this teaser shot that has been floating around cyberspace. The image shows a darkened glimpse at the front end of a potentially beefier Scirocco, with the R in the ...


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