Hyundai Veloster out testing – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Hyundai's new Veloster sports coupe (or is that Tiburon or something else?) aims to write another chapter in the book of Hyundai's relentless pursuit of market share when it launches next year, and in this latest video, we see a still heavily camouflaged prototype running around with the likes of the Volkswagen Scirocco – a similarly sized sportster. Thanks for the Euro-spec comparison test idea, Hyundai.

The Veloster aims to best Stateside competitors like the Honda CR-Z in terms of fuel economy, and Hyundai is on record as saying that the new coupe should achieve more than 40 miles per gallon without any sort of hybrid powertrain. It's expected that Hyundai will have its new 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine under the hood, and we hope that the end result is a car that's not only efficient, but truly fun to drive.

Hit the jump to see Hyundai's sporty prototype out on the street.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport via YouTube]

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