Volkswagen Scirocco by day, video game controller by night – Click above to watch video after the jump

We've always envied those awesome home-stitched arcade racing consoles. It's not that we aren't handy enough to screw a few pieces of plywood together, it's just that there isn't enough space in either the living room or the garage for that kind of craft project, and our significant others don't generally go for that sort of thing anyhow. The kids from Karjak CarLab have us officially reconsidering that stance, though.

Instead of raiding the local home-supply store for materials, the crew managed to talk a brand-new 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco into pretending that it's a video game controller by hooking up the OBD port to a computer. As the nut in the driver's seat wrenches on the steering wheel and operates the pedals, the system translates the maneuvers into ones and zeros. Throw in a projector good enough to cover your garage door, add a decent sound system, and you've officially got the most awesome driving simulator on the block – no shaking or baking required. We would suggest this would be the only way to play Gran Turismo 5 when it hits the shelves, but honestly, we're increasingly feeling that we're more likely we'll get our AARP cards in the mail first. Hop the jump to see a video of the set up in action.

[Source: Hack A Day]

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