VIDEO: Mock VW ad from Jeremy Clarkson draws criticism

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Jeremy Clarkson's humor tends to either amuse or horrify. Some contend the dead-pan Brit occasionally goes too far with his comedic stylings, but overall, we prefer Clarkson just the way he is and don't mind his occasional pot-shots. After all, Top Gear is an entertainment show, and while he might have stepped over the line when he called Prime Minister Gordon Brown a "one-eyed Scottish idiot," or said the people manning the Hyundai booth at the Birmingham Motor Show had all eaten dog and the designer had a spaniel for lunch, or the time he suggested that the Mini's indicators should move up and down in a one-handed Nazi salute, or when he got into tussles with environmental groups, gay rights advocates, a brain injury charity and a prostitute welfare group ( full list here), it's all in good fun, right? For some, it isn't.

Clarkson's recent VW Scirocco ad spoof caused complaints to file into the BBC, as the faux spot takes a shot at Poland and may have hit a bit too close to home. Here's the gist of the ad. People are running and cameras are shaking. There is a shot of an empty school room with fresh chocolate milk still dripping off the table. Then comes a voice-over of a woman saying that a state of emergency in Poland, followed by several shots that look more like an LA Lakers championship after-party than any commercial for a hot new Scirocco. Finally, we see a shot of the Scirocco, and the text below says... well, if you haven't seen the episode already, you'll have to hit the jump.

[Source: YouTube ABC News]

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