Volkswagen reconsiders bringing Scirocco to the States

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Volkswagen has heard our cries and is reconsidering its previous decision not to offer the Scirocco in the States.

Back when the low-slung hatch was launched in March, VW was insistent that the Scirocco would never find its way to U.S. shores, fearing that it would cannibalize sales of the GTI and that the strong euro would make it far too expensive.

Automotive News spoke with V-Dub spokesperson, Steve Keyes, who said the outcry from enthusiasts and the apparent popularity of the Scirocco in Europe has VW execs rethinking their initial decision. According to Keyes, "There's no real decision yet," and that if the Scirocco would be made available in the U.S., it would be positioned "a little bit differently." Two words: do it.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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