Volkswagen weighs next Scirocco, diesel Alltrack for U.S.

Do you miss the opportunity to buy a Volkswagen Scirocco? You're not alone. Of all the Volkswagen Group products offered overseas but not in these United States, the Scirocco tops our list. (Though we understand there are plenty out there pining for a Transporter van.) Discontinued in its previous iteration in 1988, the Scirocco made its triumphant return to the market in 2008, but with the global financial crisis setting in around the sometime, Volkswagen wasn't up to spreading itself thin enough to bring it here.

That could change with the next-generation model, however. According to Automotive News, Volkswagen is working on a next-generation Scirocco, and this one could very well make it Stateside. This according to Volkswagen of America CEO Jonathan Browning, who admitted as much while speaking with journalists at the New York Auto Show this past week. While it's unclear if he's referring to a facelifted version of the current model (expected to launch next year) or an all-new model, the prospect of finding a Scirocco – any Scirocco – in U.S. showrooms is tantalizing.

While he was at it, Browning reportedly also suggested the Passat Alltrack – which was shown in "concept" form in New York – could be sold here in diesel form, which strikes us as tantalizing (if expensive). Further, Browning reiterated that the company is looking into a mid-size crossover to slot in between the Tiguan and the Touareg, something we've heard before and fully expect to happen.

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