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F1 couldn't change its hated elimination qualifying format after McLaren and Red Bull refused to accept anything other than ditching the idea completely.


Ten years ago, you could pick up a McLaren F1 for under $1 million. Now they're each worth over $10 million. Has the market leveled, is it still climbing, or is the bubble about to burst?


This airdrop video may be a little over-done, but with Formula One trying to find the right qualifying format, McLaren just might be on to something here.


McLaren announced the launch of the GT4 racing version of the new entry-level 570S as well as a Sprint model that will follow.


Comfortably brilliant.

The McLaren 675LT exhibits the widest gap between ultimate comfort and ultimate performance of any car we've ever driven.


Watch an early pair of yellow McLaren 675LT Spiders head onto the street. Even at low speeds, the rare convertibles sound great.


A Dubai Police McLaren 650S faces off against a racing drone in this promo video for World Drone Prix racing.


The next mid-range McLaren will get inspiration from the P1 hypercar, with a twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V8 and a set of electric motors and batteries.


Along with the new 570GT, McLaren rolled into Geneva this year with a P1 done up in carbon fiber and a 675LT Spider or two. Unfortunately we can't have either.


More comfortable, more versatile, and quieter, but very nearly as fast and agile. McLaren has struck a balance with the 570GT that will truly benefit owners.


McLaren has a prototype EV powertrain under development that could go into a future model in the P1 family, and the company has more hybrids coming, too.


A look at the past, present, and future of Woking's supercar maker.

McLaren wants to sell 3,000 cars this year, and move 4,000 in 2017. That's ambitious. Here's how the company aims to achieve those goals.


A look at Woking's latest Sports Series model ahead of its Geneva debut.

The 570GT is just as powerful as the 570S, but houses its performance in a more refined package. It's a formula we can live with.


Ken Block drops some hints on Twitter about what to expect from Gymkhana 8, set in Dubai.


An up-close-look at McLaren's new MP4-21 Formula 1 car.


The McLaren team has presented its 2016 challenger, the MP4-31, with which it hopes to bounce back from a very difficult 2015 season.


The 675LT gets even more CF accents.

McLaren Special Operations will make a big showing in Geneva with one-off versions of the new 675LT Spider and P1 hypercar.

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