McLaren Senna LM gets a video walkaround

MSO didn't hold back with its seven-figure tribute to the F1 GTR

At the end of last year, rumor got out that 26 units of the McLaren Senna production run were still waiting their turn to impress the world. Word was that McLaren Special Operations would remake the roughly two dozen coupes into three special editions, the most numerous of them a Senna LM model. A finished example of the predicted coupe found its way to New Zealand, where McLaren Auckland Brand Manager Luke Neuberger gave the Payapa Orange supercar a walkaround for YouTube channel Giltrap TV.

The English carmaker recently launched its 720S Le Mans as a tribute to winning — and hoarding four of the top five finishing positions at —  Le Mans in 1995 with the F1 GTR. That coupe got dressed in McLaren orange with Ueno Grey accents and five-spoke wheels recalling the OZ Racing rims on the F1 GTR, as well as vented front fenders, a roof scoop, and gold-painted brake calipers. MSO went further with the Senna LM, which is natural considering the Senna homage is reputed to cost about $1.7 million, compared to the 720S homage starting at $299,000.

The Senna LM bodywork hasn't changed in front from the standard Senna, but the Auckland example wears a uniform color all over; the front fascia of a standard Senna sports black accents in the headlight pockets. Body-colored vents adorn the front fenders above a set of gray five-spoke wheels, and one of the many tiny particluars on the Senna LM sees the center-lock wheel nuts colored red on the left side, blue on the right. Behind those wheels, gold calipers clamp vented discs. As we saw in a spy shot of an early mule left in an industrial unit, the clear pane in the doors is filled in with a body-colored panel. Further back, the glossy carbon fiber wing endplates feature the initials "LM" carved out to show unfinished carbon fiber. 

Neuberger wouldn't confess to a horsepower rating beyond "800-ish," but MSO worked on the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. The track-only Senna GTR makes 814 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. The Senna LM engine's been blueprinted, the heads ported and polished, and four exhaust pipes stand up through the Senna LM's engine cover. The standard Senna shows three pipes. Furthermore, the Senna LM pipes are plated in 24-karat gold to match the 24-karat gold-plated engine components and suspension wishbones.  

The Papaya and gold treatment continues inside, with the door struts, door pulls, and seatbelts in vivid citrus, and pedals in gold-tinted billet aluminum. 

And if any readers happen to be in Auckland, Neuberger said the Senna LM is on display in the showroom and the public's invited to have a look. For those who can't make it, there's always the video above. Now that two of the three special edition are official, we're only waiting on a Senna Cam-Am tribute.

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