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A great way to prepare for the 24-hour race.

The first model year of the most cartoonishly oversized SUV of the 2000s

The Excursion was the sport utility vehicle that answered the question, How big is too big?

The business school at American University determined the cars that most fit the description "made in America."

The car is built by Multimatic in Toronto.

A flexible alternative to ownership - and a way to put off-lease cars to good use.

By 1968, Carroll Shelby was more than happy to hand back to Ford what the two companies – one huge and one almost microcosmic – had created together.

Base price goes up $270, but there are deals to be found.

Stop-and-go cruise control costs $1,250.

750 for the track version.

The cars pack a 3.2-liter supercharger.

Ford's fleet sales rose 8.4 percent, representing more than 34 percent of total sales.

Recalls and service bulletins haven't fixed the issues.

It's graduation time! We've compiled a list of the best new vehicles the parents of a recent college grad should consider for their newly grownup child.

What would Gavin Belson do?

Automakers are getting closer to Silicon Valley, both in the products thay make and the companies they work with. But the people are from different worlds.

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