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It's never too early to prep for Cars and Coffee.

Who wouldn't want that instant electric torque in a Mustang?

Ford spokesperson Mike Levine confirmed that all the charges have been dropped against the drivers of the Ford GT prototypes pulled over for speeding.

Here's five SUVs Americans want right now. The future models are from Jeep, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercedes and blend retro names with modern tech.


The reveal will be broadcast on Snapchat next week and is part of a three-day event in LA.


Custom cars and British celebs on this episode of the Autoblog Podcast.


It's not cheap, but what vehicle is these days?

Ford is saying that more than half of early vehicles have already been claimed.


With either car, you're getting supercharged V8 power.


Ford's new party car is imminent.

The updated car should be similar in size but better equipped than ever before.


Drive the wrong way, and prepare to be bombarded by alerts.

Pairing a front-facing camera with navigation data could make wrong-way drivers a thing of the past.


This Mustang-powered Maverick will later go for auction.


All the style and none of the inconvenience, but at a price.

Throwbacks are nice. But LED dashboards are also nice.


Despite critical praise, the Flex has been a complete sales flop.

A moment of silence please for the ones that dared to try something different.


You can now relive your trackday moments on your smartphone.


But Chevy and Dodge score points for braking, top speed.

Fords are quicker than Chevy and Dodge, but no matter which police car you come across, remember, you'll never outrun Motorola.

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