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US-listed Fiat Chrysler shares were down 2.9 percent at $10.44.

Fiat is trying to move the 500L deeper into crossover territory.

FCA is accused of not revealing software to defeat testing on Jeep Grand Cherokees and Ram trucks.

Airbag could fail to deploy in rollover.

66.5 raging mid-mounted Italian horsepower, now discarded.

The Fiat X1/9 was much more fun than the Vespa-grade horsepower figures suggested, but reliability was never its strong suit. Somehow this '74 was able to avoid the crusher for 42 years, but now it has reached the end of its autostrada.

Fiat Chrysler reintroduced the 500 Abarth to US showrooms in 2012.

April is the second disappointing month in a row for new US car sales.

One analyst estimates that Jeep is worth $22 billion as a standalone brand.

Instead, FCA will focus on executing its plan to become profitable.

"The primary focus is the execution of the plan," he said.

A new car is one of the most expensive purchases most Americans will make. Here's proof that you don't have to break the bank to get a nice, new vehicle.

There is definitely a replacement for displacement.

A manic nine-speed transmission doesn't help matters.

VW recently said it was not cool with a merger. Now it's not not cool.

It's not really a 180, more of a 90.

The mighty Mack powers Jeeps, Dodges, and Chryslers.

We tour Fiat Chrysler's prolific plant.

It's just a matter of finding an affordable solution.

City car class diesels are a dying breed. Here's why.

Mueller gives Marchionne the coldest shoulder possible.

No. Not no thanks. Just no.

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