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We never thought the Hellcat would look so tame.

Dodge claims this is the quickest production V8 ever built.

Here's a gallery with all of the new Demon photos.

The final teaser hints at the possibility.

That's far quicker than a Challenger Hellcat.

A/C systems don't always sap power.

It may be not be a new idea, but it's a first for a production car.

It features some great cars including a WRX and a Challenger.

It also has an all-star cast.

Line lock, cooldown mode, and lots of customization.

The Red key will make an appearance, unlocking even more power and torque.

A lot of hints, but we think Dodge is sandbagging.

Long story short: lots of power and we can expect more.

Also, trick computers help sort out wheel hop.

Sure, that's a real Liberty Walk kit...

This prototype is dressed curiously.

For every action...

A proper suspension setup is key.

Surprisingly, there are only nine two-door coupes on the market in America that are available for less than $30,000 new. Here's a list.

It's got a shaker hood and Hellcat headlight intakes.

It will build 80 in black and blue, and 80 in black and silver.

Equus Automotive combines a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Challenger into one.

The crate comes with tools and more to prep your Demon for street or strip.

The cold never bothered us anyway.

Mopar's muscle coupe borrows all-wheel drive from the Charger sedan.

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