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Porsche is spending $1.1 billion to update its Stuttgart plant for electric vehicle production.

We hit the Indy road course with the 707-horsepower fat cat.

This is a bucket-list track.

Plus, one small bit of actual news.

It was delicious.

Volvo's former performance brand is going big.

Ranked from great to greatest.

Here are the best sportscars we've driven so far in 2017 in order of how far they blew our socks off. We'll continuously update these rankings.

A comparison of two like-minded Volkswagens.

A comparison of two like-minded Volkswagens.

We drove it. You get to watch.

Watch the drag-strip launch at Lucas Oil Raceway.

It's not just loud, it sounds like an honest-to-god racecar.

This is Lamborghini's way of saying that its future will not just be high-tech, it'll be very loud.

Viper production shuts down after 25 years.

The company took extreme measures to reduce weight.

It has an aluminum badge thinner than a human hair, among other things.

It's only slightly less capable than the Ferrari 488 GTB coupe.

The Blue Oval grabs the spotlight on Woodward.

The launch of the all-new A8 is part of Audi's move into what it calls a premium digital car company.

Look for a setup similar to the one on the Acura NSX.

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