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"Isn't this like what people do when trading cattle?"

Ranked from great to greatest.

Here are the best sportscars we've driven so far in 2017 in order of how far they blew our socks off. We'll continuously update these rankings.

But don't get too excited just yet.

Consider this a milestone, but not the future.

It looks like an evolution of a current design.

The launch of the all-new A8 is part of Audi's move into what it calls a premium digital car company.

More than just a name change.

Audi becomes an official manufacturer in Formula E with team takeover.

The German arrest was part of a wider probe into fraud and false advertising.

It's the first arrest in Germany regarding VW's diesel scandal.

Oliver Blume, the head of Porsche, says, "I have a dream job and am very happy at Porsche. Nothing else comes into question for me."

Use this video to decide which one to buy.

They're the same, but different.

The fastest production Audi convertible, ever.

The movie is out on June 28, the car's debut is July 11.

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