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For hauling golden retrievers, with gusto.

The Q5's souped-up sibling is here.

Car accidents may be an inevitable part of our daily lives, but some cars and trucks are more likely to be involved in crashes than others.

A human driver must be sitting behind the wheel at all times ready to take back control.

The mini series follows along with Porsche, Audi, and Toyota.

Audi bought the Italian motorbike maker back in 2012.

With Piech gone, the sale will be easier.

It will be the second EV, after an SUV slated for 2018.

Audi promises five E-Tron models for China in as many years.

Photos and sketches give insight into this week's reveal.

It looks to be all-electric.

And it's affordable, at least as race cars go.

It will compete against entries from Porsche and Mercedes.

Only 200 will be sold worldwide.

It's an appearance package, but a good one.

The former design leader has plans to lead again.

It's slated for debut in July.

The biggest differences are the ones you can't see.

Q4 will have a 'coupe-style silhouette,' could be based on TT Offroad concept.

Expect the Q4 to look like the TT Offroad concept.

Is it a problem that cars keep getting better?

It's also more powerful than those two.

A very limited number of 2017 models will be produced.

Co-developing EV, connected, and autonomous tech has its benefits.

That's a lot of shared brainpower.

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