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And it's affordable, at least as race cars go.

It will compete against entries from Porsche and Mercedes.

Only 200 will be sold worldwide.

It's an appearance package, but a good one.

The former design leader has plans to lead again.

It's slated for debut in July.

The biggest differences are the ones you can't see.

Q4 will have a 'coupe-style silhouette,' could be based on TT Offroad concept.

Expect the Q4 to look like the TT Offroad concept.

Is it a problem that cars keep getting better?

It's also more powerful than those two.

A very limited number of 2017 models will be produced.

Co-developing EV, connected, and autonomous tech has its benefits.

That's a lot of shared brainpower.

They want an electric built at main plant in Germany.

BERLIN (Reuters) - Labor leaders at Volkswagen's luxury Audi brand have asked top management to assign production of an all-electric model to the carmaker's main plant in Germany, concerned they might lose out as electric cars gain in importance. Audi will next year start building its first mass-produced electric model, the e-tron quattro sport-utility vehicle, at a plant in Brussels, together with batteries that will also be used in other VW group EVs. Audi, Volkswagen's main profit contribut

Audi Sport boss says popular drift modes waste time and tires.

No drift mode for Audi Sport models.

Homes of Audi executives searched as well.

Investigators want to find out who is responsible for the diesel emissions cheat.

Plugging into an EV future.

VW Group looks to the Four Rings for tech leadership.

Less downforce but more power and stickier tires results in quicker lap times.

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