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First Drive
2021 Toyota Mirai First Drive | The sequel is far better

It's massively improved (and far better looking), but hydrogen's issues remain

2021 Toyota Mirai pricing and official range announced

It can go up to 402 miles and starts at about $50,000

Toyota shows off new Mirai fuel cell car in fresh push for hydrogen technology

It hopes the car's nearly 500-mile range will finally win consumers over

2021 Toyota Mirai trim levels, features detailed

Toyota's redesigned hydrogen fuel-cell car reaches showrooms in December

Toyota plans to build 175-acre 'Woven City' of the future housing 2,000 people

It'll have it all: Autonomy, robots, personal mobility, smart homes, AI

Los Angeles
The Toyota Mirai went from yuck to yowza, will it be enough?

If it catches on, it could spur the creation of Toyota's own hydrogen network. That's a big 'if.'

2021 Toyota Mirai goes from ugly duckling to graceful swan

Redesigned fuel-cell sedan is also moving upmarket

Toyota Mirai second generation will break cover in 2020

It will benefit from six additional years of engineering experience

First Drive
2019 Hyundai Nexo First Drive Review | Promise for fuel cells

Hydrogen-powered crossover tuned for luxury

If the Kona Electric's suspension is engineered for a sprightly, even somewhat sporty feel, the Nexo is tuned for luxury.

Toyota unveils next iteration of fuel-cell semi truck

Range has improved from 200 miles to more than 300

Range has improved from 200 miles to more than 300.

Toyota plans hydrogen-powered SUVs and pickup trucks

'We're going to shift from limited production to mass production'

"We're going to shift from limited production to mass production."

Toyota surpasses 3,000 Mirai fuel cell sedan sales

Mirai makes up 80% of all fuel cell vehicles in the U.S.

The competition is heating up, though.

Toyota and Shell team up to build hydrogen fueling stations

'The enemy of the enemy is a friend.'

The partnership boosts future prospects for both companies as BEV threat looms.

The Mirai has flower power in Toyota's Super Bowl ad

Like the car, the commercial is limited to California markets.

Put that H20 button to good use.

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell Mirai isn't good enough to be a Lexus

Lexus exec implies that it'd take an SUV to fit desired fuel-cell powertrain.

Lexus may launch fuel-cell vehicle with a 300-horsepower mill, not the Mirai's 152-hp powertrain.

Toyota next fuel cell vehicle is a big ole bus

The Toyota FC Bus is coming soon.

It's the biggest Mirai around.

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