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The Mirai has flower power in Toyota's Super Bowl ad

Like the car, the commercial is limited to California markets.

Toyota will be showcasing its Mirai fuel cell sedan for Super Bowl LI, reminding us that its emissions are nothing to worry about. The 30-second spot, called "Daisy," opens with a flower growing out of a crack in the pavement. It's a tough life for this lonely daisy, with close calls with tires, and sooty emissions causing the poor thing to wilt and shed a single, tear-shaped petal.

Then, over the horizon comes the heroic Mirai, which pauses above the drooping flower. Inside the cabin, a finger presses the "H2O" button, showering our plant protagonist with the Mirai's life-giving emissions. As the car drives off, we see that other daisies have sprouted to join the rejuvenated flower, as a voice reminds us that, "Its only emission is water."

The video also reminds us of the fact that the Mirai does, indeed, have a manual release feature for its aqueous byproduct. While the Mirai periodically drops its water automatically during driving, one can also jettison it using that H20 button. It's ideal if you want to keep your garage floor dry.

The Super Bowl ad's reach will be as limited as the market for the Mirai and the infrastructure used to fuel it. As Automotive News reports, the commercial will only air in the markets of LA and San Francisco. If that's where you'll be watching the game, look for the ad before the halftime show. The spot – which originally wasn't going to air on game day – marks the beginning of a larger marketing campaign for the Mirai ending in July.

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