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Junkyard Gem: 1978 Toyota Hilux

Another of Toyota's legendary 1970s Hilux pickups reaches the end of its life in a Colorado junkyard.

Junkyard Gem: 1984 Toyota Truck (AKA Hilux)

For fighting Soviets or hauling lumber, the Hilux was perfect

For fighting Soviets in Afghanistan or hauling lumber in California, the Hilux was perfect.

Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 Is an over-the-hill hill-climbing boss

A lot of 50-year-olds don't look this good — or are as capable

A lot of 50-year-olds don't look this good — or are as capable.

Toyota Hilux: Tough little truck turns 50

We take a look at the pickup through eight generations

If you were to rank vehicles that do what they're told to do, the Toyota Hilux might be one of the top five greatest workhorses of all time. For 50 years, over eight generations, the Hilux has proved itself to be reliable, durable, yet modest about its achievements.

Toyota Hilux gets tougher-looking trim lines

We like the Tacoma, but these Hiluxes are pretty sweet

They range from mild to wild.

Toyota builds a 1:1 scale Tamiya Bruiser RC truck

This Hilux really is a full-sized toy.

It was built by the team that created the Polar Hilux.

Australian Toyota Hilux gets American-inspired refresh

Australia's bestselling vehicle comes in 31 flavors

There are a number of new cab, engine and transmission configurations.

Toyota Hilux comes home to Japan; there's Land Cruiser and FJ Cruiser news too

Hilux has been on hiatus in its homeland for 13 years

The Hilux has been absent from Japan for 13 years.

US Special Forces buying Toyota Land Cruisers, Hiluxes

The Ford Ranger is also up for consideration.

An Ohio company will modify the vehicles with heavily upgraded mechanicals, armor, and new communications and command equipment.

Junkyard Gem: 1978 Toyota Hilux longbed pickup

Arguably the best small pickup of the 1970s.

Whether hauling a dozen Kalashnikov-wielding fighters in Afghanistan or commuting to work in Albany, these trucks seem to live forever.

Toyota Hilux gets heart transplant from Lexus IS F

Toyota South Africa Motorsport is giving the Hilux a serious performance boost by slotting in the 5.0-liter V8 from a Lexus IS F. Making 449 horsepower, the truck also gets a suspension and brake overhaul to handle the extra power.

Import pickup truck-killing Chicken Tax to be repealed?

Coming trade deals in the Pacific and in the EU could finally put an end to the Chicken Tax that exerts a 25-percent import tariff on foreign pickup trucks. Although, it might be a while before we see a bevy of new models on US streets.

Toyota rolls out all-new HiLux pickup Down Under [UPDATE]

HiLux is one Toyota's top-selling nameplates and the most popular in Australia. The truck has just been replaced with an all-new, eighth-generation model that's tougher, more capable, safer, and more comfortable than the model it replaces.

Spy Shots
Toyota Hilux successor spotted

The midsize truck segment is suddenly seemingly exploding with new vehicles worldwide, even here in North America. Not only will the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon be available very soon, Toyota is already testing a replacement for i

Toyota Hilux Invincible sounds as robust as it looks

The Hilux might not be the only Toyota product that we Americans don't get, but with respect to our collective want for JDM jewels like the Alphard, Aygo and of course the noble Crown, it's the forbidden-fruit pickup that we most lust after. As you'd suspect, announcing a new Invincible trim-level fo

Depth of Speed gets cozy with a Datsun 510 Wagon

The Datsun 510 will always hold a special place in enthusiast's hearts. The anonymous little coupes and sedans quickly established themselves as willing performers on the nation's race tracks in the early '70s. But while the goons at BRE were busy embarrassing other manufacturers in the Trans Am Challenge, scads of 510 Wagons contented themselves with family hauler duty. These days, the unloved

Toyota conquers Antarctic in jet-fueled Hilux pickups

Toyota has just wrapped up another impressive Antarctic expedition, this time traversing over 43,500 miles in the span of four months. In the process, the company says it snagged a new world record with three specially-prepared Hilux pickup trucks with each covering 5,903 miles of the frozen continent. Iceland-based Arctic Trucks handled conve

Toyota UK says Top Gear boys to go on another Hilux adventure [w/video]

The Toyota Hilux can attribute a fair portion of the its celebrity to the Top Gear crew's exuberant doting. After attempting to destroy the truck via a smattering of inhumane methods, traversing the frozen wastes of Antarctica the Arctic and braving the fires of Icelandic volcanoes, the show has given the globe-conquering Toyota<

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