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Blue Bird has taken more than 100 orders for electric school buses

Some already operate in California, North Dakota, and Washington

These school bus-themed YouTube tracks are the songs of summer

One is a safety video, one is an 'Old Town Road' remix

School bus driver reportedly ditched kids, cursing them and flipping them off

Student says she was driving erratically

Student says she was driving erratically.

Here are two chilling reminders that sidewalks are not for driving

Don't pass school buses, and don't drive drunk

Don't pass school buses, and don't drive drunk.

After week of tragedies in 5 states, a reminder about school bus safety

Timely reminder about how to stay safe near buses, bus stops, school zones

In week of tragedies, NHTSA reminds drivers of the sanctity of school buses.

The IC Bus ChargE electric school bus might be our new favorite

It has a driving range of more than 120 miles.

ChargE was created in partnership with Volkswagen Truck & Bus.

Man hangs onto moving school bus, terrifies screaming kids

An off-duty officer and mechanics got him off the bus

This escalated quickly.

School bus driver fired after driving kids through floodwater

She got out and moved barricades on a closed road

Another diesel scandal, but smaller this time

Detroit Diesel will spend over $28M to clean up NOx other pollutants.

The fine is equivalent to $3,660 per uncertified diesel engine.

Bus driver braves smoke and flames to save 20 children

All in a day's work for a heroic bus driver.

Semi truck slams into stalled school bus in Pennsylvania

A tractor-trailer crashed into a school bus carrying 37 students to an end-of-year field trip in Pennsylvania this week.

Kids pass out on bus ride when driver refuses to open windows

A school bus driver in Washington is out of a job after she refused to allow students to roll down the windows on a sweltering hot school bus last month.

Car Club USA
Figure-8 school bus racing is as insane as it sounds | Car Club USA

Car Club USA tags along with the Knights of Destruction as they do things nobody should ever do with a school bus

Car Club USA heads to the Auburndale Speedway to take in a night of destruction. The Tour of Destruction combines a destruction derby with outlandish motorsports challenges like boat trailer racing and an armor-plated gauntlet challenge. But tonight's main event is figure-8 school bus racing.

Bus driver saves student's life with Heimlich maneuver

A quick-thinking school bus driver in Oklahoma saved the life of a five-year-old passenger when she dislodged a coin from the boy's throat with the Heimlich maneuver.

Lockheed Martin's school bus takes you on a ride across Mars

What better way to spark young students' curiosity than to give them ride on a bus that simulates a ride across the Martian surface?

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School Bus Has Close Call With Train | Autoblog Minute

An ABC affiliate in Houston Texas shows dramatic footage of a school bus’ close encounter with a train.

School bus camera catches close call with speeding train

A school bus was just a few feet away from being hit by a train as it sat on the tracks earlier this month in Harris County, Texas.

EPA thinks cleaner school buses could keep kids healthier

Federal Agency Aims To Rid Roads Of 400 More Older Diesel Engines

Diesel fumes are harming the health of children who ride school buses, so the Environmental Protection Agency is helping to provide cleaner rides.

NHTSA reverses course, now wants seat belts on school buses

Mark Rosekind says every pupil deserves a three-point belt

The government agency charged with keeping motorists out of harm's way has long lauded seat belts as "the single most effective way" vehicle occupants can keep themselves safe. For years, it has also opposed efforts to require seat belts on school buses. As contradictions go, that's a doozy.

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