A school bus driver in Washington is out of a job after she refused to allow students to roll down the windows on a sweltering hot school bus last month, WXPI reported. The video was recorded inside of the bus on April 19. All of the children's faces are blurred out to protect their identities. In the video, the kids demanded the bus driver allow them to open the windows after a girl passed out.

"Why can't we open the window?" a student can be heard asking the driver on the tape.

"Because the alarms will go off!" the driver replied.

"I don't care! She could die!"

The driver told the students to fan the passed out girl while she continued to drive. The kids pulled together to get the girl water, while they begged the driver for help. Several kids ended up getting off the bus before their stops, which is against district policy. The bus driver was removed by the school the next day, but it didn't help. Two children were made sick by the ride home. Parents of students in the Everett Public Schools are demanding to know why the driver would let their kids suffer.

Schools are installing cameras in their buses more and more often, and they don't always like what they see. Last year, a school bus driver locked a bus full of children in so he could yell at them about their behavior. A similar camera caught a school bus driver scaring students by parking the bus near a speeding train. School buses are due for a safety overhaul. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently recommended that school buses get seat belts, and the Environmental Protection Agency wants to get rid of diesel engines to help improve kid's health.

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