Bus driver saves student's life with Heimlich maneuver

A quick-thinking school bus driver in Oklahoma saved the life of a five-year-old passenger when she dislodged a coin from the boy's throat with the Heimlich maneuver. ABC News reported that Ginger Maxville, a bus driver and special needs teacher's assistant at Mannford Public School in Mannford, OK, was near the end of her afternoon route when she noticed one of her young passengers acting strange. Surveillance video from inside the bus showed the boy standing up, gagging, and clutching his chest.

"I thought he was just teasing me and I thought he was just not following my instructions and not sitting down," Maxville told Tulsa's KTUL. "His sister said, 'I think he swallowed a coin.'"

Maxville quickly pulled over and parked the bus, then she ran to the back of the bus to help the choking boy.

"I made sure the bus was secure, went back, and grabbed the student. He was just red and gasping for air," Maxville said. She then pulled the boy out of the seat into the aisle and administered the Heimlich maneuver. She was able to dislodge the coin and the boy spit it out on to the bus floor.

"I heard it hit the floor," she told KTUL. "I said, 'We got it!'"

MPS superintendent Dr. Steve Waldvogel told ABC that the video of Maxville saving her passenger would be distributed throughout the district and would be shown as an example to all faculty and staff of what to do in such an emergency.

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